TIME: Saturday Dec 10 & Sunday Dec 11 9AM PT / 11AM CT/ 12PM ET

Achieve Ease In Your Body And Peace In Your Mind As You Unbind From Built-Up Stress And Tension

Discover Powerful Daily Practices to:

Focus on the presence of your body and cultivate a balance undisturbed by external events

Rapidly deactivate the fight or flight circuit in the brain and activate the respond and restore circuit 

Elevate your inner calm and be Grounded, Balanced, and Inspired

Intentionally replace thoughts of worry and stress with Appreciation and Gratitude

Remain Centered, Calm, and Resilient regardless of what’s going on in your life and the world

Approach life with greater Vitality and Joy than ever before

What participants are saying about Essential Stress Release:

“Thanks again Rucsandra, I love feeling taller and Being taller! “


Rucsandra is a visionary teacher and mentor who will empower you to transform the way you think, move, and live

As a Physical Transformation Coach and Leader, her commitment is to ensure that understanding happens, and is integrated within every cell of your being. When you gain understanding, positive change occurs as a natural action because you completely integrated it in your mind and in your body.

Over 3 decades, Rucsandra has guided thousands of people to release physical tension and trauma, ignite their body’s innate healing processes, and anchor in a complete and lasting transformation

Her students experience physical movement as an empowering act of self-love that elevates and expands their lives. They effortlessly thrive in ways they never imagined, and live with joy and vitality.

“Life is meant to be cherished and celebrated, lived fully and joyously, with self-determination and self-realization. Elevating your awareness and understanding is not a luxury; it is an act of self-love, the essential prerequisite for your greatest vitality and happiness.”Rucsandra Mitrea

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