365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 96: What If You Actually Chose Your Life?


OK, I know, you might be raising your eyebrows and get into a battle mood: “What do you mean: I chose my life? How could I have chosen this? Do you know what I have been through, what I had to endure? Do you know the pain, the hardship, the trauma that my life has given me?”.

Please do not be offended, and please do keep reading. I get it, I felt it, I know it. I’ve seen it. Life has been truly hard for some people and I cannot even begin to understand the trials and the tears some people experienced in their lives. What I want to offer you right now is a twist in the plot that might offer you a different perspective.

So stay with me on this. Just be open to look at things from a different perspective, just be willing to contemplate a different point of view.

What if you did choose all this? What would this mean? Where would that lead you?

If we stay in the paradigm that you actually chose your life, then there must be a reason behind your choosing. There must be something that made you decide to have the experiences you’ve been having. So if we stay on this reasoning path, what did these experiences teach you? How did you grow as a result of what you had to deal with? Where did your life take you? What were the gifts, the blessings and the extraordinary? Do think about it. Allow this perspective to open up the possibility of understanding your life in a completely different way. Ponder it, even if you don’t agree. Allow yourself to ponder, to wonder, to discover, to reframe, to rethink and to start understanding something deeper and more powerful than you have ever felt before.

Allow. Ponder. Contemplate. There are hidden gifts in doing that.


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