DAY 276: Become Your Own BFF!

Today is Day BFF276 of my “365 Days of Gratitude” blog: hard to believe!

As I was looking back at some of my daily posts, I found the one I wrote on Day 111 which had quite a high number of readers.

I realized that people want to be their own best friends, but they do not know how and end up treating themselves more like their own best enemies.

So, I am re-posting this, because I want YOU to be YOUR BFF!

DAY 111:


Think about it: are you indeed your own best friend? Do you have your own approval? And do you have your own back?

Nick Ortner says:

“Too often we are ruled by everything that’s wrong with us, as opposed to everything that’s right with us.”

Everything changes the moment you decide to become your own best friend, to stand strongly by your own side and to treat yourself with love, understanding and compassion.

When your best friend feels down, you do not kick them when they’re on the floor, do you? You help them stand up; you sit them down and tell them what you love about them, how they enhance your life and why you believe in them. You listen to them, you assist them and give them your support.

Maybe right now it is a challenge for you to befriend yourself and you cannot imagine starting to support yourself the way you would your BFF. If this is the case, I want you to take a sheet of paper and write down what you think of yourself; write all the words down. Do not hold back. If you don’t face how you see yourself you will not be able to become your own BFF. So write down what you think. Then, take another sheet of paper and for each harsh and judgemental word used, write down a slighly softer, lighter word; then throw away the first version.

In a couple of weeks look at your list again and then take a new sheet of paper and soften the words again.

In time, your perception of yourself will change. And then it will change again.

Choose to become your own best friend.

Imagine how you would feel if YOU stood by your side. Accept that it is a process. And keep working on your list.