DAY 280: A Penny For Your Thought



If you put a penny in a jar for each thought that comes and goes through your mind every day, you would be quite rich. And soon you would run out of storage space for your jars.

You see, thoughts come and go and we do not have control over what they are.

If you decide to sit down for an hour and record every thought, you will discover how random this process is and how thoughts appear out of nowhere. And you will also discover that keeping up with them is quite impossible.

I used to believe that I could learn to control my thoughts and choose to think only the good, positive and uplifting ones. But that seemed to be a futile attempt.

Thoughts come and go. The only thing that I can truly do is choose not my thoughts, but whether to believe them or not.

If I choose to believe that a negative, diminishing thought depicts reality my energy drops and my mood changes. If I choose to ignore it, it has no effect on me.

Here’s my invitation to you: allow your thoughts to come and go and do not buy into them.

Do not believe everything you think!



DAY 279: You Have The Solution!



What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Do you allow your thoughts to dominate you?

Do you keep yourself awake at night with worry?

Even when life offers you challenges for which you seem to have no answer, the solution is always there.The fact that you cannot seem to grasp it in the moment, is just temporary and if you allow yourself to be OK with not knowing, you relax.

When you relax, you release resistance  and let go of struggle, you stop going against the current of life.

And that is exactly when, from deep inside yourself, the solution comes to the surface. Because you stopped the struggle and the worry, you can now see it.

Releasing resistance and accepting what is in the moment opens the door to the answer you are seeking.

Are you looking for a solution to a problem in your life?

Let go of the struggle to find it.

It will find you.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 106: Worrying About Someone? Don’t!

RUCSANDRA's PICTUREDo you ever worry about somebody you care about? Of course you do. Everybody does. Sometimes I find myself doing it as well, but the moment I become aware of it, I stop right then and there and realign my thoughts and my feelings. I want you to stop worrying because your worry does not help your loved ones.

Why do you worry? You worry because you care about someone and you want them to be well, to do well and to have everything work perfectly for them. Your wishes for them are one thing and they carry the energetic torch of success, health and well-being for them. Your worrying when things get hard for them is another things. Now, I do understand that what I am going to say next might not be easy to understand or agree with in the beginning, but please stay open to a different point of view.

Let me explain what I now know about worry. When you worry about someone, you are sending them an energy that weakens their strength and diminishes their life force. Worry is born from the lack of trust in their abilities to handle their own challenges and to follow their own path in life. You worry about something that might happen in the future, but the future is not here yet and you do not know how it will unfold.

Simply put, when you worry about others you are telling them energetically that you do not trust them to figure it all out for themselves, to raise to their own challenges, to find their own way. Even if you do not actually say these words to them, they pick it up from your energy, they can feel it and they feel diminished by how you feel about them. Your worry shows lack of trust in their capacity to live their life. Your worry is lack of trust in life.

So stop worrying about them. Trust them to figure it out; offer them your help if they ask for it but trust them to find their own way.

If you stop worrying, you tell them energetically that you believe in them and in their strength to clear their obstacles. Help them conquer their fears, overcome their challenges by stopping your own habit of worry. They will feel your trust and that will give them strength and courage.

Who are the persons you are worried about in this very moment? Hold them in your awareness and make the choice to trust them to be OK. Free them up from your worry and your own fears. Hold the vision of their well-being in your mind and stop worrying. Your trust in them will strengthen them.