DAY 281: How Real Is Your Reality?


Your reality seems quite real to you, doesn’t it? But is it REALLY real?

I am reading Michael Neill’s book “The Inside-Out Revolution”.

Get the book. Read it. It will allow you to see “reality” in a different light.

Neill explains how reality changes depending on our different levels of consciousness and understanding. Here’s a little excerpt:

“To better understand the inside-out paradigm, let’s step into the glass elevator of consciousness and see how the world changes when viewed from different levels of understanding.

Ground Floor: Objective Reality – What I see is what’s really happening. I’m experiencing the world as it is. […]

Lower Floors: Subjective Reality – What I see is an interpretation of reality. I’m experiencing the world through the filter of my thinking.[…]

Higher Floors: Constructed Reality – What I see is all made up. The world is what I think it is.

What do YOU think of YOUR reality?

Or let’s put it this way: what do you believe to be real?



DAY 252: Press The Reset Button!

change the plan

You don’t like what is happening in your life right now? Are you struggling with decisions for the future? Do you want some things to be different?

I have news for you: YOU CAN CHANGE THE PLAN!

And, even better, you do not need to do anything special in order to change it.

Here’s what Michael Neill says in his book ” The Inside-Out Revolution”:

“The return to this “original grace” of life is always available to us, and takes no particular effort to attain because it is in fact a return to our natural way of being. Here’s all you need to know: there is nothing you need to do, be, have, get, change, practice, or learn in order to be happy, loving and whole.”

Goes against pretty much everything most of us were taught, doesn’t it?

Well, THIS is the truth. Not what we were taught.



DAY 251: Is There A Storm In Your Head?

quiet your mind

The storm in your head prevents you from feeling calm, fulfilled and content with your life.

It is not the experiences in your life that bring you turmoil and unhappiness, but the thought processes related to your experiences.

“Well-being is our nature. That doesn’t mean we always feel good – any one of us can get caught up in thought at any time, and in so doing become instantly subject to every emotional color in the spectrum. But to say that means that well-being comes and goes would be like saying that because there are clouds, the sun isn’t always present. Even in the darkest hour the sun is still there – it’s just that sometimes there something between us and our clear seeing.”

– excerpt from  “The Inside-Out Revolution” by Michael Neill, published in 2013

Stay calm.

If you allow it to, the storm in your head shall pass.