DAY 311: The Willingness Process – Jane Kirby

willingnessChapter 5 in the the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge is entitled “The Willingness Process” and it is written by Jane Kirby.

Jane Kirby is a qualified therapist, international trauma counselor and the creator of The Willingness Process modality. She works full time as a counselor, public speaker, master workshop facilitator, author and master trainer of the NewAge Foundation. She lives in Zambia with her husband Chad.

“I would love to share with you a personal story about a meeting I had with the Dalai Lama. […] So my question was:

“How does one best help somebody if they are battling with low self-esteem and beating themselves up? What’s the best thing that one can do to be of assistance?” […]

I was lucky enough that  my question got passed forward and the following is the Dalai Lama’s response:

“The first thing that you need to know is that even if Buddha himself came down to assist you with someone, if that person themselves is unwilling to heal, then there is really nothing that can be done to help them.”

She also says that within the truth of His Holiness’ words there was a beautiful dichotomy, which is that the opposite is also completely true:

“When anyone is really willing … then healing can happen and fights can end so rapidly that it can almost spin one’s head.”



DAY 310: Empower Your Dreams – Suresh Padmanabhan

moneyChapter 4 in the the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge written by Suresh Padmanabhan is entitled “Empower Your Dreams: Practical Steps For Creating Miracles in Your Life”.

Suresh Padmanabhan is the creator of “The Money Workshop” and the “Eastern Law of Attraction”. He is a professional speaker, author, life coach and mentor. He is the author of “I Love Money”, “On Cloud 9” and “Ancient Secrets of Money”.  

“You will attract whatever you give your attention to – it could be positive or negative. Once you understand the principles of the law of attraction or manifestation, life becomes magical. Life becomes easy. Things are created twice, first in the Mind and then in Reality. In this game you have to win in the mind before you win in reality. The whole of the Indian system worked on Mind Mastery: creating powerful states within the mind.”

Creating powerful states of peace, joy, abundance, love and freedom within the mind is the key to creating the same in your day to day life.



DAY 309: It’s a YES Universe! – Lackhinder Babbu Gill

shutterstock_125398931Chapter 3 in the the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge written by Lackhinder Babbu Gill is entitled “It’s a YES Universe!”.

Lackhinder Babbu Gill is a Vipassana practitioner since 1988. Mindfulness is an integral part of her life. With a perfect blend of the East and the West she uses Louise Hay’s philosophy to express into words the insights she receives in the silent practice of meditation. She is a certified and licensed “ Heal Your Life” seminar leader and life coach.

Telling the story of how she healed her ailing body, Babbu Gill teaches us that healing can only come from within.

“As the course progressed for the next 10 days, there wasn’t a moment that wasn’t new to me. My asthma came up during the first session, flashes of childhood experiences flashed through my head. All the suppressed tears, smothered love and pent up emotions arose. The rejection of being an unwanted girl child was painful, the anger and resentment all welled up. The feeling of being unloved wouldn’t let me breathe until the floodgates broke open and all the buried emotions were released and finally set free. I could see and experience how every thought created a feeling and an emotion and I could experience every sensation at the physical level! Every moment was a moment of arising and passing. Yes, it is here that I experienced and understood the Mind, Body and Spirit connection for the first time in complete awareness.”

As she continued to release her painful emotions, Babbu Gill healed her asthma completely.

Healing can indeed come only from within.



DAY 308: You Are Not Stuck! – Atmayogi Shri Aasaan Ji

shutterstock_133001492Chapter 2 in the the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge is entitled: “You Are Not Stuck! You Can Change Your Destiny!!!” and it is written by Atmayogi Shri Aasaan Ji.

He is the creator of Prana-Vritti: The Ultimate Solution for Total Well-being and Atma Yoga which have transformed and empowered the lives of countless people who regained their lost peace, health, wealth and happiness.

Here’s a short excerpt from Chapter 2:

“The Divine fact is, your experience with the external world is nothing but the exact reflection of your inner world, so the only way to change your world is to change your inner self. This knowledge will empower you to transform any situation in your life in a way you want because you are no more facing reality; you are creating the reality of your own choice by changing your inner self.”

The only thing that you can change is yourself.

Not your partner, spouse, child, friend or boss.




DAY 307: Health, Happiness and Harmony in a Time of Love – Dr. Bruce Lipton


Chashutterstock_130094216pter 1 in the the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge is dedicated to the importance of understanding the power of the subconscious mind in our relationships and everyday life.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph. D, stem cell biologist and pioneer in the new biology, is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Bon the faculty of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and later performed groundbreaking stem cell research at Stanford University. He is the bestselling author of Biology of Belief, the Honeymoon Effect and co-author with Steve Bhaerman of Spontaneous Evolution. Bruce received the 2009 prestigious Goi Peace Award (Japan) in honor of his scientific contribution to world harmony.

He says:

“These conclusions are profound – the conscious and subconscious mind, together shape our reality. Consequently, a relationship is based on four minds, two conscious minds and two subconscious minds. The question is which one of these minds is running the show? On a daily basis, the subconscious behavioral programs acquired from others control %95 of our lives. It is important to emphasize that because the conscious mind is busy in thought during this time, we rarely observe our own behavior, especially when we are ”shooting ourselves in the foot” and sabotaging relationships. […]

With insight and awareness, limiting subconscious programs can be rewritten. What would be the consequence of rewriting negative subconscious behaviors and replacing them with your wishes and desires? A honeymoon effect, that will keep you healthy, joyful and living in harmony the ‘happily ever after’ way!”

Here’s to rewriting your negative subconscious patterns and experiencing harmony, abundance, joy and health!




DAY 306: Holistic Wellness – Editor’s Words


shutterstock_19437895I want to dedicate one post to each one of the co-authors of Holistic Wellness In The NewAge – The Book.

Swatika Jain is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a Master Degree in psychology. Being naturally psychic, she has explored different fields in the domain of spirituality and holistic healing. So here is Swatica Jain, with the editor’s words:

“Welcome to the world of holistic wellness!

In this new age with its rising challenges and scope for awakening, it is important that we should all be aware of the healing modalities, because the journey to self-realization begins with healing on all levels, i.e. body, mind and spirit. Many people learn and work with different modalities and get benefit and yet, there are many people who are skeptical and do not fully trust a natural system of healing… For lack of understanding and access, millions of people suffer from disease and stress, and this affects us all… It is time to wake up!“

This book is an extensive compilation of healing and re-balancing techniques and modalities that can help so many people. Not everybody has the same needs. Becoming educated in what is possible and available increases the chances of deep and true healing.



DAY 305: Holistic Wellness In The NewAge


Rucsandra in Holistic Wellness for the NewAgeI am celebrating the arrival of Holistic Wellness In The NewAge – The Book.

I am thrilled and so honored to be one of the authors.

What a remarkable book!

The book is a “Comprehensive Guide To NewAge Healing Practices Tools, Techniques & Real Life Stories By Over 45 Accomplished Master Facilitators”.

The book showcases various therapies in the Mind, Body & Soul domain.

This book covers the various topics of holistic approach to wellness and the subject of energy medicine.

I was invited to write an article, together with wonderful accomplished healers who have been practicing various NewAge Therapies.

I am deeply honored to share the stage with:- Dr. Bruce Lipton, Padma Bhushan, Dr. B.M Hegde Robert , ,Dr. Paula Horan, Bryant MeyersHermina Danneil, Dr. Walter Jacobson, Dr. Ravinder Tuli, Suresh Padmanabhan, Lakhvinder Babbu Gill, Bindu Maira ,Shalin Khurana, Dr. Rangana Rupavi, Choudhry Naveen, Varshneya Nishant, Dr. Deepika Sanghi Gupta, Smita Wankhade, Jane Kirby, Minal Arora, Dr. Ashish Paul, Archna Mohan, Meenakkshi Jain, Neha Patel, Aryanish Patel, Nandini Gulati, Preeti Subberwal, Rashminder Kaur, Dr. Saloni Singh, Dr. Amit Nagpal, Suzy Singh, Ashok Angrish, Susan Chopra, Theresia Eggers, Tarini Khetarpal, Seema Sharma, Mandy Peterson, Dr. Sukhbinder Sibia, Amarjeet Singh, Narula Anjali, Chawla Bhavya, Gaur Atma, Yogi Shri Aasaan, Ji Aasha, Warrier Ritambhara, Nand Nidhi, Chauhan Sharma.

Thank you, Sandeep Goswamy for inviting me to be part of it!