DAY 293: Freedom


freedomAre you intrigued by the dancing skeleton?

It looks quite free in its dance, doesn’t it?

What I have come to know is that freedom in your body will not come by exercising alone.

Building strength, increasing your flexibility and stamina are only one part of what your body needs in order to be free, move with ease, heal, stay healthy and feel alive and vibrant.

The freedom and health of your body depend on many things.

What you eat and drink, as well as how much good quality sleep you get contribute to how you feel in your body as well.

But this is still not enough for your overall freedom in the physical body.

The way you FEEL is crucial!

Your emotional health, the way you think of yourself, the way you treat yourself weigh a lot more in the balance of health than you might realize.

I met many very fit people, who took great care of what they eat and how much they exercise and yet, they were bound in their bodies by tightness, restriction, constriction and discomfort.

Your inner balance and peace are paramount for the freedom you experience in your body.

So start by looking inside and finding out what is it that you need to do in order to heal on the emotional level first.

By doing so, you will allow your body to heal and experience freedom and joy.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 113: What Brings You Joy?


The big word of the day is JOY. This post is inspired by a friend who told me a few days ago that she started de-cluttering her home with only one criterion in mind. As she went through drawers, cupboards and all the corners of her living space, she looked at around, picked up each object and asked herself only one question: “Does this bring me joy?”. If an object did bring her joy, she cleaned it and kept it. If it did not, she tossed it.

Isn’t this wonderful? Can you imagine how she will feel once this “cleaning for joy” process is complete? The energy of her space will be clear and beautiful and she will feel energized, restored and uplifted just by being home. This is a powerful cleansing technique. If you are surrounded by objects you really like, your energy elevates and you feel clearer and more optimistic. If, when you look around, you see clothes that don’t fit you, objects that remind you of negative experiences and things in disrepair your energy gets diminished, your mind absorbs the clutter and you do not get to rest, restore and recharge in your own home.

I wrote about this subject on Day 89, but today’s post brings you a new perspective on how to make your home serve you and your needs: just ask the simple question if all the things you have surrounded yourself with bring you joy. Start with one area, with one room and do it! Clean and de-clutter for joy. You will be amazed at the results and you will want to continue the process until your whole living space fills you with joy. And then – inspired, uplifted and recharged – do the same thing with your office, with your car, with the things you choose to do and the people you choose to spend time with.

Start right away. Start now with a single drawer, with a single corner and invite the New Year into your life with joy.

I want you to be surrounded by things that bring you joy, by experiences that fill your heart with joy, doing work that fulfills you and being with people who lift you up and bring you even more joy.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 87: Clearing Broken Promises


There is an extraordinary gift of lightness and clarity that comes from clearing the energy of broken promises. I want you to have this powerful experience and witness the emotional strength and peace that come with it.

Are there any promises that you have made to others or to yourself that you have not kept?

Have you made your list? Good! Wonderful!

This list is not for you to start thinking about how many promises you have not kept and start judging yourself. The purpose of this list is to create the opportunity to go and clear your broken promises, one at a time.

Mark Twain said it so well in “What Is Man?”:

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”

Going through your list and assessing, completing and finding ways to keep your promises to yourself and others will create a magnificent sense of inner well being.

You will feel instantly clearer with every promise you honor, because you will have YOUR OWN APPROVAL!

So go through your list and do what you need to do. If there are promises you made that you know you cannot keep, go and talk to the persons you made the promises to, including yourself and explain why you cannot keep your promise.

Find a way to clear the waters of your own conscience and do not let yourself and others wait in vain.

Go and say “I am sorry I promised such a thing to you when I knew I could not keep my promise.” or “I thought I could do it, but the truth is…. Please forgive me. Maybe I could do this for you instead?”

If there are things that you can do to honor some promises, but just did not get around to it, then make it a priority to do them one by one.

Emotional clutter stems partially from the energy of your broken promises. Go and restore the INTEGRITY of each and every one of your promises, one by one, until all your list is clear.

You will be surprised by the sheer power of honoring your word.

I will leave you today with a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“It is easy to live for others, everybody does. I call on you to live for yourself.”

Live for yourself, with integrity, clarity and joy. I want you to have your own approval. This is my wish for you.