DAY 356: Disinformation In The New Age


Here’s a very interesting chapter about choosing the middle path.

The middle path requires awareness and increased consciousness which discourage disinformation.

“Because we have taken pieces of wisdom from different places, it does not always offer us a complete picture of the masters involved.

What many people may not even know is that many quotes that are floating around on the internet and which we believe are the words of our masters, are fake, misworded, or taken out of context (e.g. see

While people may see this as a relatively trivial matter, it really isn’t.

After all, how would we feel if we saw a Facebook banner which displayed an image of Jesus with the quote ‘Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! – Jesus Christ’?


While the answer is not likely not to be found in any kind of extreme, the disinformed new age appears to be split between the two ends of the spectrum: an ‘all spirit’ focus at one end (with ideals of love and light) and a hedonistic ‘all material’ focus at the other (with ideals of manifesting ‘unlimited’ abundance, fame, etc.).

There is one path we have yet to collectively try yet: the middle path that Buddha was known to speak of. The middle path leads us to a simple path; one not found in remaining disinformed, but in becoming enlightened.”

Mandy Peterson is a Visionary, Empath, EFT Practitioner and Channel for spirit.  She wrote Chapter 50 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge.Her life and passion has always been toward being a voice of empowerment. Her desire is to help empower those struggling within themselves and their relationships, as well as to help others understand a bigger picture which includes the collective and our planet.



DAY 288: Looking For The Holy Grail?


The Holy Grail was believed to have special powers, and according to the legend was designed to provide happiness, eternal youth as well as an unlimited supply of food.

The Holy Grail was, according to the legend, the cup used by Jesus Christ and tirelessly sought after by the knights of the Middle Ages.

Today the words are synonym with something truly priceless that is also very hard to find.

Many people are looking for their Holy Grail. Be it a financial breakthrough, a miraculous healing, a magic pill or the love of their life, they are on a continuous  search for something big. And in the process they follow many paths, consult many specialists and get discouraged when things don’t seem to work.

The problem, I believe, lies not in the desire for something big, but in the belief that somebody else has the Holy Grail.

You see, the answer to what you are looking for, searching for and truly wanting to find exists WITHIN you.

Somebody else’s path will not also be yours. This is the reason why magical cures do not work for everybody, even though they might have worked for a handful of people.

Your Holy Grail is inside YOU. You have it already. It has been yours all along. But you have been trying too hard to find it somewhere else; so hard in fact, that you did not think to look inside.

Stop running around trying to find what it already yours.

Look inside.