DAY 323: Theta Healing® – Shalin Khurana



“When we receive a Theta Healing ® , we are also helping those around us and the universe, since we are all interconnected at some level. When we heal at a genetic level, we are also healing our ancestors, our relatives and future generations of our family. Remember, scientists have learned that in quantum physics, the distinction between the past, present and future does not exist as we perceive it.


Theta Healing® is:

  • A way to change beliefs that impact the reality we experience.
  • A way to heal the energy rifts and blockages that occur due to our thoughts and beliefs.
  • A transformation that creates physical, psychological/emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Aligned with the current understanding of quantum physics and quantum mechanics relating to how and why thought influences matter.

Theta Healing® facilitates balance and harmony between the conscious and subconscious minds, while infusing a sense of security and well-being. Through the processes of feeling and belief work our reality can change and healing can occur in an instant. It can be permanent and lasting. […]

Theta Healing® effectively removes, resolves and clears emotional and physical issues that hold us back in the journey of life. The subconscious holds secrets, past issues, memories that may be invisible to the conscious mind. One can, with fabulous results, cancel, replace or resolve past or current issues and memories and initiate the healing process with Theta Healing®.

Chapter 17 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge written by Shalin Khurana explains Theta Healing®. Shalin Khurana is a spiritual guide, clairvoyant, psychic and an intuitive healing practitioner with an extensive experience in a wide range of healing modalities.

Isn’t it wonderful that all these modalities are now gathered together in this book’s great compilation?



DAY 322: Reiki And The Force Called Motivation – Dr. Paula Horan

shutterstock_42892900Have you ever wondered about Reiki?

Chapter 16 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge entitled “Reiki And The Force Called Motivation”,  written by Dr. Paula Horan explains the power of Reiki.

“If we are drawn to Reiki or are considering learning and practicing the Usui Method of Natural Healing, by the very power of this wish, we kindle the spark of the supreme motivation in us to heal and be healed. If we act on this intuition, it follows easily that we will then be moved to cultivate the universal human qualities of love, compassion, joy and equanimity. At first, this motivation may seem to last for only a split second, to come and go like a flash of lightning in the darkness. However brief it may appear to be, if we fan this spar k, it will not only plant but also strengthen the seed for a desire to liberate both ourselves and others from physical illness, mental stress and emotional conflict and turmoil.

To heal our families and us is part of Reiki tradition. Mrs. Takata was quite adamant about the correct order of things, when she stated something to the effect: first, heal yourself, then heal your family; only after that go out and do healing sessions outside of your immediate circle of family and friends. Of course, we can follow all three approaches simultaneously. We can practice self-treatment, treat members of our family and share additional treatments with others (if we indeed want to be of consistent help to ourselves and to others). It is important, however to take into account our own resources and not spread ourselves too thin.”



DAY 321: Beliefs, The Whole Brain State And Psychotherapy – Jeffrey L. Fannin. Ph.D. and Robert M. Williams M.A.

shutterstock_35709736Chapter 15 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge entitled “Leading-edge Neuroscience Reveals Significant Correlations Between Beliefs, the Whole-Brain State and Psychotherapy” is written by Jeffrey L. Fannin. Ph.D. and Robert M. Williams M.A..

This is such an interesting chapter. It talks about beliefs and the whole-brain state.

Have you heard about the Whole-Brain State?

The authors say:

“A great deal of research has been conducted for decades on what has come to be called ‘brain dominance’ theory (also known as split-brain research). The findings of this research indicate that in general, each hemisphere of the cerebral cortex tends to specialize in, and preside over, different functions, processes different kinds of information and deals with different kinds of problems.

The LEFT hemisphere: uses logic/reason, thinks in words, deals in parts/specifics, analyzes/breaks apart, thinks sequentially, identifies with the individual, is ordered/controlled.

The RIGHT hemisphere: uses emotion/intuition, thinks in pictures, deals in wholes/relationships, synthesizes/ puts together, thinks simultaneously, identifies with the group, is spontaneous/free.”

The Whole-Brain State refers to a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the brain, the authors say.

“In addition to its usefulness as a tool for dealing more effectively with life’s changes, past, present and future, the Whole-Brain State has another major benefit. It can be used as a foundation for quickly and effectively changing self-limiting subconscious beliefs.”

Do you function in the Whole-Brain State or does your brain favors on hemisphere over the other?

Wouldn’t it be really cool to find out?