365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 58: Emotional Cleansing Part 6 – The Emotional Lens


People react to the same day-to-day events and challenges in different ways; these events and challenges have different meanings and create different stress levels for different people.

Here’s an example: for one person, an unfair and moody boss is an absolute and substantial stressor, seeming to create a situation without solution. For another person, the same boss creates only a minor aggravation, as they plan to find a better working environment.

These are two completely different responses to the same stimulus. So what is then, the determining factor in how we respond to the events in our lives? The determining factor is THE LEVEL of emotional cleanliness. That’s right: the level of emotional cleanliness is what makes all the difference.

I will define tomorrow what I really mean by EMOTIONAL CLEANLINESS.

For now let’s just start creating an image for it: the image is a lens; one large, thick lens. See this lens with your mind’s eye. The purpose of a lens, as you know, is to magnify the objects we are looking at. In order for us to see clearly the objects behind it, the lens must be clean.

When you feel strong, supported, loved and encouraged by yourself and others, your lens cleanses itself.

When you feel pain, shame, guilt, when you feel unsupported and unloved by yourself and others your lens becomes milky and opaque, as if dust has settled on it. The more negative feelings you have and hang on to throughout your life, the more dust your lens gathers.

Keep the lens image in your mind and let’s move to the next topic. Every cell in the body recognizes what you feel and immediately translates your feelings into physical responses. If this is a concept harder to relate to, just think of something that you are afraid of and see how your body responds. If you are afraid of an illness… just allow that fear to surface for a moment. If you are afraid of losing your job or ending an important relationship in your life, just feel that fear… allow it to come to the surface and stay in that feeling for a second.

Do not worry: this exercise will not create more stress. You are just allowing something that is already there to come to the surface.

Now scan your body quickly. Are your shoulders raised and tense, are you frowning? Is there a knot in your stomach or is the pain in your lower back increasing? Is your mouth dry? How much tension are you feeling?

The physical response was instant, wasn’t it?

Here’s another situation: think of something you did at some point in your past that you were, or maybe still are, ashamed of. If you haven’t processed that shame yet, you will feel it all over again, right now: flushed cheeks, sweaty palms and a knot in your stomach. Right? Can you feel that? Feeling ashamed makes your body perspire. What this means is that every cell in your body responds to your feeling ashamed. I will repeat that, because this is very important for you to understand: EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY RESPONDS TO YOUR FEELING OF SHAME.

On Day 37 of this blog I wrote about the fact that your emotional lens was pre-conditioned even before your birth by your mother’s fears, because YOUR CELLS were FEELING everything that your mother’s cells felt as a result of her emotional state. So go back to Day 37 and read that post again.

I am excited about sharing all this with you! Once I understood the importance of the emotional lens, I was determined to keep mine sparkling clean. And you will too!




365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 57: Emotional Cleansing Part 5 – Without Struggle


Excerpt from Brandon Bays’ book  “Freedom Is”:

“Unfortunately, most of us became conditioned to the idea that struggling is good and makes us strong, and we feel guilty if we take even a few spare moments to relax. But ironically, it is only when we completely let go into full relaxation that true genius and creativity become available.”

Struggling is not good and it diminishes your inner power. When you are in touch with yourself and honor who you are what you feel, there is no struggle.

I want you to arrive in a place without struggle inside yourself. The EM-CLEANSE posts will continue and I will teach you how to cleanse at the emotional level.

By paying equally close attention to the quality of the foods you eat and the water you drink, to the thoughts you think and to the methods of physical exercise you choose, to processing your feelings and clearing your emotional system you can create a more balanced body, inside and out and a more balanced life, inside and out.

You need to cleanse and rejuvenate emotionally in the same manner that you cleanse your body through diet and exercise, through showers and bathing, through sweating and sleeping. You can do it through meditation, keeping a journal, or simply by sitting alone in a room, relaxing, breathing and getting in touch with how you feel and why. What matters most is that you are completely honest with yourself about what you feel.

The capacity to respond to life’s flow of events from a place of emotional cleanliness and internal balance exists within you and within everybody else.Your interactions with others will stem from understanding and compassion, leading to powerful connections that are creative, healing and life changing for yourself and for the people around you. From that quiet space of INNER BALANCE, the power to create your desired life multiplies and you will find yourself in all the right places at all the right times. SYNCHRONICITY will become the norm, things will flow with ease, solutions will present themselves to you and your inner struggle will stop.

So what do you think? Do you believe now, as I do, that your emotional cleanliness is important and worth paying attention to?