365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 74: How Do You Know It’s Working?


What a wonderful question! You set your intention to achieve a goal, to let go of limiting beliefs and to transform your life.

Your intention to change your life has tremendous power! The intention alone can shift your awareness and bring old beliefs to the surface so that they can be examined and released. Your intention is only dependent upon the intensity with which you want things to change.

But how do you know that what you are doing is in fact working? You know by how you FEEL INSIDE:

  1. More determined, clearer, less afraid, lighter and more uplifted OR
  2. Unsettled, quite overwhelmed and overly tired

Both answers are a clear indication that it is working, that you are transforming, that you are releasing the old and embracing the new. I’ll explain.

The first answer is pretty clear: if you are feeling empowered and more aware, calmer, more confident and less afraid than when you started, you know that things are already changing. Simple.

But how about the second answer? To explain I will use an analogy. Imagine you decided to do a massive cleaning of your house. You want everything to be thoroughly cleaned: drawers, cupboards, closets, behind and under the furniture, rugs, windows and every corner. You take a week off work, go and buy cleaning supplies, new brooms, all the cleaning sponges you will need, put on clothes that you can soil and you are ready to tackle the task. You start rolling up the rugs, moving furniture away from the walls, emptying cupboards, preparing your bucket of water, your vacuum and your duster. You are getting into the thick of it, so to speak.

If a friend comes for an unannounced visit, what would she see? A total mess: stuff all over the floor, dust bunnies freed up from under the furniture, dirty windows that before you could not see behind window treatments, and you covered in dust and sweat and with your hair in disarray. Everything looks a lot worse now because before you started, all the dust and dirt were hidden. And now they’re not. Everything is right there, in plain view.

Even in the midst of all this apparent mess, YOU KNOW THAT IT IS WORKING. Your house is getting cleaner with every single task that you fully complete. Do you get the picture?

Ok, back to the initial question. You might feel unsettled, overwhelmed and tired because everything is coming up for you to look at. The more stuff was holding you down, the more effort your system is spending to release it.

All is well. With every clean, organized inner drawer your life is changing according to your desire. With every step you are getting closer to your dream. With every action you are increasing your momentum.

So, even if you are not certain, even if you have doubts, even if fear creeps up on you again, DO NOT STOP. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. It is working.





365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 73: Dreams, Goals and Desires

RUCSANDRA's PICTUREIs there a GAP between your life in this very moment and your desired life? What do you think of it? Do you like it or do you feel discouraged by it?

My gap is constantly changing, because as I am constantly creating my life, I have new dreams, goals and desires. This gap is a very good thing, because it propels me into action, it makes me stretch my inner being, it makes me grow and transform.

How large is YOUR gap? You can take baby steps or giant leaps, but whatever you choose, if you truly want to close it, then you will. And then you can desire something else, have a new dream and set another goal to create a new gap.

The more focused you stay on what you want, the closer you are to getting it. When you first begin to examine your life and start to make the first few changes in the direction you want to go, you will feel even more imbalanced, maybe even more confused than before you started the process. This is a very good sign! It means that the dismantling of the old has already started.

Let me explain.

You cannot build a new house on a piece of land that is occupied by an old structure. You first have to demolish the old building, piece by piece sometimes, shattering entire floors at other times. Next you must clear the land of all the debris and then you are ready to start digging the new foundation.

It does take time and the larger the old structure, the more time you will need to dismantle it. You might get tired of the physical labor and sometimes feel discouraged by unforeseen problems, but you would not think that the day when you get to start building your new house will never come.

The same is true about your inner self; turning away from old concepts, fears and beliefs and building a new life takes time, dedication and work.

But every single action brings you closer to where you want to be.

How do you know that it is working, that you are making progress? I’ll tell you tomorrow.