DAY 342: Sports and Spirit

working-out“After intense research, observations and evaluations, I found the best outcome in training when I worked with the energy of the four elements. They flow through us and can be activated through the four training types, which are directly linked to the four elements.

Different intentions create different outcomes:

  1. For energy and to feel vital and active: Cardio training; element: Fire.
  2. For strength, muscle tone, posture and self-esteem: Resistance training; element: Earth.
  3. For flexibility, subtleness and self-awareness: Flexibility training; element: Air.
  4. For balance, calmness and inner peace: Relaxation training; element: Water.

The four elements are the major vibrational building blocks of our Earth. They balance, complement, and also oppose each other. It’s the same with the four training types: if you want to create an optimal energy flow, you should combine different training types; or if you really like to work on a specific issue, choose a training type which can help you to best manifest the outcome you are looking for. Effort creates reward and balance. With exercise you are activating your natural potential to look good, feel good, and think positively.

But you need persistence and discipline and, if this doesn’t come naturally to you, try to become this person. There is nothing more rewarding then turning a belief around. I am talking about my own experience. I have turned many beliefs around – and am still doing it. One of my misleading beliefs was that I had no discipline. But as I look at myself now, I see a very disciplined person.

Every belief is changeable. Take your time, start slowly, start steadily, but do it!”

Theresia Eggers wrote Chapter 36 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge. She is the founder of the “Intune Program”, which is Theresia’s vision and interpretation of a holistic exercise program. It works with the energy of the Four Elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water, which are a part of every one of us, and the activation of the seven chakras. The goal of this program is to make you feel whole by connecting to all the different aspects of yourself through a training that includes body, mind, emotion and spirit.