365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 53: Emotional Cleansing Part 1


Many years back I came to understand that the way I was responding to other people’s actions, to events and life in general was primarily determined by my general emotional state, which in turn was defined by the total sum of everything that I had experienced in my life up to that point. I started to wonder what part of my actions was truly conscious and what part was just unconscious reaction. As at the time I did not have the answer, I made a pact with myself to find the truth and in order to do that I had to wipe my emotional slate clean. And so I started a powerful, sometimes joyful but many times heart wrenching journey of emotional clearing and cleansing.

I am very grateful for taking the steps to create a state of emotional cleanliness and today I am starting to share with you what I mean by that. I want you to start the process of cleansing at the emotional level, so that your life is made of conscious actions. I want you to be the creator of your life, not just “be lived” by the events and circumstances in your life.

Yesterday I was writing about the importance of healing the relationship you have with yourself.

Today is Day 1 of your emotional cleansing process. I call it EM-CLEANSE. I developed a program I use with my clients to teach this concept and show them how to clear their emotional slate so that it does not define how they respond to challenges, events, circumstances and other people’s actions. I want to share this concept with you. This is my gift to you, as a way of expressing my gratitude.

So let’s start.

Do you believe in less chemicals and a cleaner environment?

Do you care about the foods you eat and the products you use on your skin?

Do you believe in being clean and toxin free inside and out?

How about your emotional cleanliness?

Have you ever heard about this concept before?

They do not teach in schools about it, but its lack creates stress and distress in your life.

Feelings of criticism toward yourself and others, anger towards yourself or others, fear, unworthiness, anger, frustration, judgment, defeat, despair with regards to your relationships, love life, work, family, finances, physical fitness or health create platform of distress in the body and the mind.

Left un-cleared, these feelings become emotional residues that create a build up which is detrimental to your general well-being and health and affects both your mental and physical states. If not fully expressed, emotions can and do create the emotional residues that remains in your body for days, weeks, months or years, until you fully release them.

“See” you tomorrow. Get ready!




365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 18: Memory Banks Part 1 – The Rainbow


One summer afternoon when I was about 4 or 5 years old and deep into my mid-day nap, my father lifted me up from the bed and carried me into the back yard, still half asleep, so that he could show me a rainbow. My FIRST rainbow. I thought is was made by a fairy or a wizard, or that my father turned into a magician; it was so wonderful and mesmerizing. I love the memory of my father and me as a little girl perched on his arm, looking at the rainbow together.

This is a light, happy, sweet memory. There are many more pleasant, uplifting events and things, places and people in my memory banks. I am sure that you have many of them as well. But how about the rest of the memories, you might ask. The ones that are not so nice to remember, the ones that create pain and sorrow, shame or grief. You have some of those too. All of us do. I had such memories as well, but I transformed them in neutral, uncharged events. I am not defined by them anymore. I have evolved past most of them and if something comes up from my memoty banks I work with it until it is deflated and neutralized.

Today I am grateful for that day, about 16 years ago, when I decided to free myself from past events and memories. I will share more about this tomorrow.

Our memory banks are important, because they define our lives, unless we take charge and heal our wounds; unless we change how we perceive them, feel them and think about them.

Here’s a concept that I teach in all my coaching programs, the very same concept that ingnited in me the desire to transform my memory banks:

“EMOTIONAL CLEANLINESS is the capacity to see, hear and feel events, circumstances and other people’s words and actions, and to respond to all these stimuli from a vantage point of inner power, unhindered, unconditioned and unlimited by the layers of past and present un-released emotional debris.” (this is my own definition)

How would your life be if you were emotionally cleansed?