DAY 304: The Only Lens You Need


camera lensYour emotional cleanliness is like a lens; one large, thick lens. The purpose of a lens, as you know, is to magnify the objects you are looking at. In order for you to see clearly the objects behind it, the lens must be clean.

When you feel strong, supported, loved and encouraged by yourself and others, your lens cleanses itself.

When you feel pain, shame, guilt, when you feel unsupported and unloved by yourself and others your lens becomes milky and opaque, as if dust has settled on it. The more negative feelings you have and hang on to throughout your life, the more dust your lens gathers.


In order to feel good, vibrant, alive and stay healthy, you must cleanse your lens!

It is easier than you think. You just meed to want to do it.

Once I understood the importance of the emotional lens, I was determined to keep mine sparkling clean.

I wish the same for you.



DAY 303: Cleansing Your Emotional System


cleansingYou need to cleanse and rejuvenate your emotional system in the same manner that you cleanse your body through diet and exercise, through showers and bathing, through sweating and sleeping.

You can do it through meditation, keeping a journal, or simply by sitting alone in a room, relaxing, breathing and getting in touch with how you feel and why.

What matters most is that you are completely honest with yourself about what you feel.

The capacity to respond to life’s flow of events from a place of emotional cleanliness and internal balance exists within you and within everybody else.

Your interactions with others will stem from understanding and compassion, leading to powerful connections that are creative, healing and life changing for yourself and for the people around you.

In that quiet space of inner balance, synchronicity becomes the norm, things flow with ease, solutions present themselves to you and your inner struggle stops.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 90: What Happens When You Raise The Bar For Yourself?


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have been part of my gratitude journey for three months! Today is day 90 and I am very grateful for your comments and questions and for sharing my blog with your friends and family.

So what happens when you decide to raise the bar for yourself? What I mean by raising the bar is not necessarily that you decide to set a new high goal for yourself, although I am not excluding this scenario. What I mean is deciding in this very moment to not be less than you are right now: to not allow other people to be disrespectful towards you and to not disrespect others with your words or actions, or even in your mind; to not allow yourself to be judgemental towards yourself and others; to not lie to yourself and to others anymore; in other words, to be authentic, honest and live this very moment with integrity.

When you raise the bar, effortlessly and gracefully your life starts to change. The extraordinary happens. You feel more ease, more lightness, more peace. You feel immediately stronger and even the strength of your physical body increases.

I raised the bar today. Will you join me?


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