DAY 352: Color Therapy


“Light and its constituent colors have a strong effect on both body and mind whether we realize or not. We always respond to color at all the levels: mental, emotional and physical.

The  red end of the spectrum tends to make our body tense and an excessive exposure to red increases blood pressure. On the contrary, blue relaxes our body and lowers blood pressure. When we see a red room, it appears smaller than a blue one. Emotionally, red excites us whereas blue calms us.

Of all the colors, red and blue light have the most significant and marked effect on our body. Red light increases blood pressure, respiration, muscular activity and heart rate. Blue has an exactly opposite effect, relaxes the body, calms and soothes the mind and helps insomnia sufferers. Exposure to blue light over the whole body has long been a cure for children with jaundice.

Our general health and well-being is affected by too much and too little light. People who do not get adequate light because they spend too much time indoors in artificial light, which does not provide the full spectrum found in the natural daylight or because they live in latitudes where the sun is absent for long periods during winter, are prone to the ‘winter blues’. On the other hand, excessive exposure to light speeds development and can even induce an ageing effect.”

Meenakshi Jain wrote Chapter 46 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge. She is an architect and a qualified Feng Shui consultant. She has completed her master practitioner course in Feng Shui under the tutelage of Lillian Too, the internationally renowned Feng Shui expert. After which she pursued her higher studies in Feng Shui from the great grand master Yap Cheng Hai from the internationally prestigious institute, Yap Cheng Hai, Centre of Excellence, based at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition to this, she went through a further and rigorous spate of studies at Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics,