DAY 292: What You Need To Feel Good

feeling good

What is it that you truly need in order to feel good?

Health? A slenderer body? Money? The love of your life? A new career?

Really, what is it?

Take a moment and look inside for the answer.

Whatever your answer is, I want to tell you that what you REALLY need in order to feel good is YOURSELF.

The relationship you have with yourself determines how good you feel every day.

You do not need money, better lovers, a fabulous body, better health. What you need is loving who you are.

When you feel good inside, all the things you want will come as an unavoidable consequence.

Do you love yourself?

Are you being kind with yourself?

These are the true question that need answering.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 198: There Is Always A Way!

Today’s message is an invitation to ponder on the idea that even though you might not yet see the solution to a problem, the answer is always there. It does not matter if your challenge you are facing right now is with your health, your finances, your career or your relationships. There is a solution to your problem, even if you cannot see it in this moment.

There is always a way!