DAY 287: Be Kind To Yourself

love yourself

How are you treating yourself?

Are you understanding, compassionate, loving and nurturing with yourself?

If you are like most people, compassion and understanding are probably not part of how you are dealing with yourself in your mind and in your heart.

But I want to invite you to change the way you talk to yourself, think of yourself, look at yourself and understand yourself.

Louise Hay teaches people mirror work as a powerful paradigm shifting tool. She teaches people to look at themselves in the mirror every day, look deeply into their own eyes and tell themselves “I love you. I really, really love you.”

I asked some of my clients to do this exercise and they reported back, saying that it was truly hard and some couldn’t even do it.

Can you?

Can you take a deep look into your own eyes every day and say “I love you. I really, really love you.”?

Try it. See what you discover about yourself.



DAY 286: Stop The Insanity!



Here’s a sad but true fact: out of all the women I have met in my life, 90% or more actually hate their bodies or at least a part of their bodies.

I find this to be disturbing and very sad.

Our culture praises and admires healthy and athletic bodies, but for their aesthetic quality and sexual energy and less as mirrors of healthy, balanced and conscious human beings.

As a result, women do not like their looks; they cannot compete with the airbrushed and photo-shopped pictures they see in various ads and magazines.

Women compare their looks to this illusion and find themselves lacking; they ruthlessly criticize their legs, arms, chins and abdomens. As a result, they treat their own bodies with disrespect and contempt.

The physical body is a reflection of the internal workings of a person. The more you like yourself and your body, the better you will treat yourself and the better you will look!

So start inside with loving, compassionate thoughts for yourself. Treat your body well, feed it high quality foods and beverages, exercise to feel good and increase your well-being, take time to be by yourself and pay attention to how you feel. Respect yourself and your body will answer in kind.



DAY 285: All Parts Of You Matter


Your mind, your body, your emotions and your spirituality equally contribute to your physical health, emotional well-being, peace of mind and vibrant, fulfilling life.

If one of these parts of you is in long term disharmony and dissonance with the rest, your overall health will suffer.

Here’s a little excerpt from Candace Pert’s Ph.D. book “Everything You Need To Know To Feel Go(o)d”:

“But what I know with certainty and apply every day in my life is that the mind and the body are one. The basis for this unity is that all systems of our physiology are connected and coordinated by emotion-laden, information-carrying molecules, engaged in constant cross talk, for example, between the nervous and immune systems. This network of communication that takes place throughout the body and brain involves intelligence and emotion to create one entity, which I call the ‘bodymind’.”

Science is offering us the information we need in order to move from the “body being separate from the mind” paradigm.

They are not separate. They are one. The sooner we acknowledge this as being the truth, the sooner we can start the healthcare revolution; a healthcare revolution that is desperately needed in our society.