365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 125: What Are You Looking Forward To?


Is there something that you are looking forward to? Is there anything scheduled later during this year that makes you feel excited? Something that you are planning or have been dreaming of for some time?

When you are excited and are genuinely looking forward to an event, such as a vacation to a wonderful place or a gathering with people you love and who love you, starting a business or changing your career, your system is flushed with hormones that improve your health and vitality. You are also sending your energy forward with excitement, positive expectation and optimism. As a result, life seems to flow with more ease and things get easier.

The opposite is also true, when you have nothing to anticipate and be excited about, or worse still, when you are dreading the upcoming events, the stress hormones released in your body diminish your well-being and can seriously damage your health; especially as your life situation stays the same over a long period of time. When you have nothing to look forward to, days seem to drag slowly one after the other, you wake up and don’t feel like starting your day, obstacles seem to be around every corner and life seems hard.

So my question for you today is: “What are you looking for in the next three months, six months, nine months? Anything?”.

If you have nothing to feel excited about, I want you to make a decision right now to start planning something next week. Decide what that is, choose a time frame and then start writing down the steps that will get you there.

The reason things stay the same and nothing exciting happens is because people do not take the time to envision and plan for a change.

So ask yourself what would bring you joy and excitement and then start moving in  that direction.

Do not say that you have no time or no money. The resources you will need will come to you as you send your desires into the Universe.

Send the desire out.

Make a plan.

Take the first step.

Then take the next.

Feel your excitement grow.

Start to notice the changes in your life.





I want you to be content with being YOU.

I want you to feel peace inside your mind, calmness within your emotional body, connection with your spiritual self, health in your physical body, balance and clarity in your energetic field. This is my pure, heart felt desire for you, because I want you to feel free, to unleash your beauty and your creative powers and to contribute your genius to the world!

From what I see everyday, most people are in such internal turmoil that nothing seems to work in their lives the way they truly want. Because they are consumed by their inner struggles they are too exhausted to ignite great transformation in their lives.

Healing your body, finding your perfect partner, healing your relationships, creating a successful and thriving business, clearing old hurt and pain, living with joy and with purpose require your energy, concentration and determination. If you are drained and worn out by fighting with yourself, you have no resources for creating your life your way.

What if you stop criticizing yourself, blaming yourself for one thing or another, judging and condemning your thoughts, your looks or your choices?

What if you start approving of yourself more?

What if you contemplate the possibility of being even content with yourself sometime soon?

How’s that sound?

Think about it.

What if?



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 123: Want Answers? Be OK With Not Having Them!


This is a very interesting fact: finding out what to do next, what path to take from now on or getting the solution you are looking for depends on how comfortable you are with not knowing.

Sounds paradoxical? It is not.

I know how you feel if you are under pressure to know what your next step will be. I know the feeling very well, because I used to toss and turn and drive myself exhausted by trying to figure out what I was supposed to do in various situations. I’ve learned a lot since those days of continuous turmoil.

What I found out is this: the more I relaxed into not knowing the answers just yet, the more I released resistance; and because I releases resistance what I wanted to know was revealed to me.

Try it. Relax. Start accepting that it is OK to not know for a while. Releasing resistance towards the “not knowing” state allows you be in a receptive state, where you are not going against the current of life and therefore solutions and answers are able to come to you with less obstacles.

Eckhart Tolle says:

“Being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you.”

If you find it hard to accept and believe, start with what I always advise you to start with: take a first step; think of the first level you can accept and go from there. For example, start by saying to yourself: “Well, I do not believe this ‘feeling at ease with not knowing’ concept, but maybe I’ll read more about it; in the meantime, I will accept the fact that it works for other people. And if it works for them, maybe it can work for me as well. It would sure be nice to feel less stressed out in situations when I do not know what to do yet.”

As I always say: start somewhere.

Accept that there might be something that will work better, even if you haven’t heard about it before.

Entertain the new idea.

Contemplate the possibility, as Dr. Wayne Dyer says.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 122: Your Spiritual Body


Spirituality… Religion… Atheism… Or anything else that is in between… No one way is the right way, the only way. I have met atheists who are kind, centered, believe in the spirit of the humankind and conduct themselves in a truly authentic manner. I am sure you met them too. On the other hand, I have met people who are religious or spiritual and like to gossip, to get ahead of their fellow humans by all means necessary, who lie if it serves their purposes.

So I say that it does not matter what category we choose to adhere to, as long as we are authentic, we live our lives with integrity inside and out and we respect ourselves, all people and all living things. We might decide to go to church, or to chant mantras every Sunday and yet, disrespect ourselves and others. Or we might proclaim ourselves atheists and live lives of meaning and purpose, serving other people and leaving a powerful legacy as we pass on.

What I call the Spiritual Body is that part of you that has the choice. Will you choose to tell the truth or lie? Will you choose to be kind and compassionate or judgmental? Will you choose to treat yourself with respect or will you continue to use diminishing words towards yourself and others?

You can always raise above the current situation and think, act and behave with authenticity and integrity. You can always choose kinder words, softer actions, even when you feel hurt. YOU can always choose.

Your Spiritual Body is the part of you that knows the way.

Listen to it.

Pay attention.

Follow it.




365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 121: Your Mental Body


“Thoughts become things… Choose the good ones.”

says the author Mike Dooley .

May I recommend you read his book “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams”?

What are you thinking right now? Stop for a second and find out. What is your dominant thought? Is it an uplifting, positive, good thought or a negative, judgmental, diminishing thought? Find out. It is important. Why? Because what you think shapes your life. So, if you desire something different from what you are currently experiencing in your life, you must change how you think. Nothing will change until you are able to think different thoughts.

In order to shift the way you think so that you can create what you truly desire, you must first become aware of your thoughts. So, I want to extend and invitation to you to start monitoring your thoughts more closely. Write your thoughts down throughout the day; carry one little notebook with you for this very purpose.

Does it seem like a lot of work? Well, think about how much work it is to have a job you don’t like, to be in a relationship that does not work for you, to not have things happen the way you desire. Isn’t being unfulfilled and unhappy more work than just learning to pay attention to what you think?

In this little video, Louise Hay is explaining why it is important to learn how to think.

Start here.

Accept that it might help if you knew what you were thinking; if you paid attention to your thought patterns.

This very first step will bring extraordinary awareness.

From that awareness vantage point you will be able to start making changes.

That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Get ready to have a say in what you choose to experience in your life.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 120: Your Energetic Body


Your body emits an electromagnetic field. This is not news anymore. Measurable and distinct, this electromagnetic field has different readings when your body experiences disease, injuries or illness.

This is an excerpt from www.pemfglobal.com.

“An electromagnetic field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. Many things including the earth, our bodies and electronics emit these fields. Their interaction is called electromagnetism.

Like our planet, all natural things emit electromagnetic fields. When the fields produced by our bodies interact with the earth’s field we have more vitality or find that our pains no longer ail us. 

Man-made electromagnetic fields from cellphone towers, wi-fi and other electronic devices operate at higher levels and can make us feel lethargic or worse, develop chronic health issues.

PEMF therapy balances your electromagnetic field by transmitting pulsed electromagnetic frequencies tuned to the earth that counteract the negative fields caused by our environment, leaving you feeling alive and well.”

PEMF Therapy is a powerful and extremely effective method that will aid your healing efforts. There are many testimonials on www.pemfglobal.com, so if you are researching ways to heal your body, take the time to read some of them. Recently, Health Canada certified this PEMF device as a medical device.

I have been using this amazing technology for myself and with my clients for six years, with great results. I am thrilled to be part of a remarkable company (Swissbionic Solutions) whose goal is to change the world of healthcare.

If you want to know how this technology can help you, contact me. If you have questions and would like more information about PEMF devices, send me an email info@mitreawellness.com.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 119: Your Emotional Body


Think of your emotional body as an aspect or a level of who you are. Your capacity to have an extraordinary array of feelings is deeply embedded in who you are as a human being. We all have this capacity, whether we acknowledging its existence and power or not. We are equipped to feel the most subtle variations of joy and anger, pain and love, hope and despair. It is part of who we are. Also part of our makeup is the capacity to process our feelings, to allow them to run their course and to release them. I wrote about Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s 90 Second Rule in my post on Day 9. She determined that it takes only 90 seconds to have an emotional circuit triggered, ignite the physiological response through the body and then flush it completely out of the system. The emotional body is intelligent and efficient.

The most remarkable link between your physical body and your emotional body lies in this very capacity to process at the physical level every single feeling that you have and to fully release it. This is also the greatest weakness, because if you continue to hold on to past feelings of anger, shame, pain, guilt or any other diminishing feelings, your physical body will eventually be put as risk. The physical body cannot become the long-term container for such feelings because it is not equipped for it.

Are there any feelings that diminish your vitality and your life force? Are you holding on to anger, shame, blame, feeling like a victim, hate, guilt or any other feeling as such?

Are you ready to move on and create a healthy, vibrant, joyous life for yourself? Write down the past hurts and unresolved pains, let them pour out of your system and onto the paper. That is the first, most powerful step that you can take: bringing these feelings out in the open. You can only clear and release feelings that you  you are willing to admit you have.

Write them down and the paper will take away some of the heaviness that you feel.

Put this list together with the list you created yesterday.


These are your first few steps to change your body and your life.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 118: Your Physical Body


The way I understand it, there are five aspects to who we are:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Energetic
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

These aspects or levels are interconnected in ways that we do not yet fully understand, but it is important to pay attention to all of them and be open to new ways of being and accepting their intricacies.

Yesterday I was writing about the signs we receive from the physical body and the fact that they are invitations for greater awareness. Today I want you to make a list of all the things that are creating discomfort or trouble in your body. Don’t start dwelling on what might go wrong and what you fear is going to happen. Just write down the things that are giving you signals: a knee, an eye, the heart, a hip, the many times you got colds and flues over the last year or so, the bladder, a vertebra or a disc, digestive issues; you get the idea. Whatever gives you signals of discomfort or pain is trying to get your attention. So pay attention and write it all down.

The purpose of this exercise is not to overwhelm or scare you. It’s purpose is to allow you to pay attention and become more aware; to stop ignoring what your body is trying to tell you.

Once you have your list, choose one thing that you can do immediately, right next week in order to improve the situation: make an appointment with your doctor, call a nutritionist, naturopath, osteopath, search for a new trainer; whatever you consider your next step needs to be, commit to it and do it. It all starts with a small step. Take action. It is important. Your taking action means that you are not ignoring your body anymore. One small step will lead to another and another. If you truly want them, the answers will come to you.

And you do want answers, don’t you? You want a solution. Take that little first step. Immediately.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 117: Healing Your Body


In order for your body to be healthy and vibrant you must be in balance on all levels of your being. If your body is giving you signs of discomfort, pain or other symptoms it means that your inner balance if off. What I mean when I refer to the inner balance is not that everything is perfect and your life flows without challenges, but rather that you know how to handle the events of your life and if you do not know how to handle them yourself, you know how to ask for help.

It is the beginning of a new year and most people are busy with their resolutions. I say, forget about resolutions. Just make the choice to be more present within yourself in every single moment. Do not ignore the signs that your body is giving you. Think about these signs as gifts that bring you awareness and the opportunity to re-balance.

I want to invite you to take a look at the aspects of who you are and be willing to see more about yourself. The way I understand it, there are five aspects to look at:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Energetic
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

I’ll write about each one of these aspects in the next few days, but for now just allow this to set in. Think about it, see how you feel about it and what your understanding or beliefs are with respect to these levels of your being.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 116: Need A Vacation? Why?

RUCSANDRA's PICTUREFirst day of 2015. I am excited to see what this year will bring, what experiences I will have, what I will create, how much I will love and how much I will contribute.

As it is quite cold now in Toronto where I live, I am feeling the desire to spend a few days somewhere hot  and sunny and where there’s a beach and access to an ocean; to lie in the sun and get really warmed up and then move under an umbrella and read or take  a nap.

My dreams of a vacation in the sun made me ask myself why I want to take a vacation. The answer came without hesitation: because it is time to recharge and restore; because time to relax and play is part of the balance of my life.

Now, reading this, you might say “yes, of course, why else would you want to take a vacation?”. But ponder this for a moment: do you take vacations in order to create balance into your life or because you feel the need to remove yourself from your day to day life for a week or two. Do you know that your personal time to rest, recharge and enjoy must have the same importance in your life as everything else you do (work, taking care of children or elderly parents, projects, responsibilities, building a house or a career)?

Think about the times for work and the times for play following each other like spring follows winter. It is about balance and the natural order of things. So, as a new year is starting ask yourself if you usually take time off so that you can take a break from your life. If the answer is yes, start imagining how would your life look life if you didn’t need to run away from it for a week or two. Imagine it first and then take on small step into that direction. And very soon, you will understand that your first small step was actually a giant leap.

My wish for you as 2015 is just starting is to create such a wonderful and rewarding life for yourself that you will never need to take a vacation from it. I am holding the vision that your vacations will bring you balance and joy, and that you will never take them in order to run away from your day to day life.