DAY 265: Your Thoughts Affect Water

healthyThe work of Dr. Masaru Emoto on the power of thought and its effects on water is well know and respected. Go and check it out for yourself:

Your thoughts have the power to change the quality of the water your drink, the water you bathe in and of course, the water in your body.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that this is possible?

And here’s a wonderful article I found today, entitled ”If Human Thought Can Do This To Water – Just Imagine What It Can Do To Us”.




DAY 264: Stop Hiding From Yourself


You are greater than what you allow yourself to be.

You are!

The trouble is that you are hiding from yourself. You are hiding from others too.

And with all this hiding, you lost touch of who you are, what you truly want, where you are really hurting and the fact that you can transform your life.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want?
  • Where do I hurt?
  • What am I hiding from myself?

Stay open so that you can hear the answers. Breathe and allow this awareness to come to the surface.

Stop hiding!

You are greater than what you allow yourself to be.

You have many gifts to share with the ones around you. But first, you MUST come out of hiding!



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 184: Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Is Important To Me!


So here I am: just went past the half a year mark of daily posts.

I have been writing every day for 184 days; 181 more days to go!

As it is a milestone and a lot of writing, I asked myself today what keeps me going.

The answer sprung forward from deep inside myself with ease: I keep writing because it is important to me to inspire you, to cheer you on, to let you know that you have options and that there is always a solution to what troubles you. Even when you do not see it, a great solution is always there waiting to be revealed to you.

I want you to move beyond everything that limits you and holds you down.

Your changing your limiting beliefs is important to me!

As a teacher and a coach I see people making extraordinary shifts every day. I see the process of leaving behind limiting, diminishing and fearful thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors.

There is nothing more beautiful than someone claiming their right to health, to happiness, to abundance and love.

So I will keep writing and lift you up when you feel down.

I am in your team.

I am your supporter. The one who knows what extraordinary things you are truly capable of!



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 183: How To Change Your Fearful Thoughts


Your body can be changed as you retrain your thinking.

NOTHING is written in stone.

Healing IS possible.

So how do you shift from health denying thoughts to health affirming thoughts?

Think about a stepladder that you climb one step at a time: each step represents a thought. You start at the bottom with a health denying thought and you reach to the next thought that is a little lighter. Once you arrive to that new thought and you become more comfortable with it, you take the next step. Reach for a thought that is even lighter.

And you keep going, until you start to feel better and your emotional state is more balanced.

As you feel better, you are starting to relax and allow a better physical experience. You will find the right trainer/therapist/healer who will teach you how to take your body to the next level of health.

It is a process and it does not happen overnight, but think about the alternative.

Changing your thoughts one at a time is a better one, isn’t it?



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 182: Think FOR Yourself Not Against Yourself!


If you went through the process of discovery I explained in my last two posts, you are in a very powerful position: you now know where you are right now, where you want to be and what your current thoughts are.

You know more than most people.

In fact you are part of a very small group of people who have this awareness; this group accounts for 5% of the population.

This knowledge is what will allow you to change your life.

Every single thought you have that affirms your pain/discomfort/illness is a thought that denies vibrant health.

Pain affirming thoughts are health denying thoughts. This is how you think against yourself:

  • I will never heal
  • This is a permanent condition
  • I will live in pain for the rest of my life
  • There’s nothing I can do
  • I have tried everything
  • Nothing works for me
  • So much wasted time and money with no result
  • This is hereditary: my mother has it, my aunt/grandfather, etc.

So how do you shift from the thoughts above to health affirming thoughts, such as the ones below?

  • Wow! I feel wonderful!
  • I can do this!
  • I am not in pain anymore
  • I am able to sleep and rest through the night
  • I am healing
  • My body is healthy and happy
  • Can’t wait for my new hiking trip
  • It feels good to live in my body

Come back tomorrow and I will share my secret with you!



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 181: If You Don’t Like It, Change It!


Have you made your list?

Are you now clear on where you are in the present moment with respect to your physical body?

Is the reality of your health, vitality and overall well-being what you want it to be?

If it is, that is wonderful! You already know how to create what you want in your body, so move onto other aspects of your life and do the same: make a list of what doesn’t work for you.

If where you are right now is not exactly what you want, that is wonderful too. You know why? Because YOU CAN CHANGE IT.

The next step is for you to become aware of what you are thinking about your body and your current physical situation.

So, get another sheet of paper and write down your thoughts as they cross your mind; do not censor them at all, just allow them to come and then write them down.

This exercise is powerful, because it will bring you awareness and give you the starting point. You need to know exactly where you are right now and to be aware of your thinking processes before you can do anything about your body and your health.

You cannot change something that you are not aware of.

So go ahead, take the time to do this exercise.



365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 13: Money, Sex and the Black Cat


Did the title grab your attention? Today is Day 13 and quite suited for this topic. To be honest, when I sat down to see what I was going to write about and the words of the title popped into my head, I raised my eyebrows and I asked out loud “Really???”. I wanted to dismiss the idea, but the words kept rolling in my mind over and over, so today I am writing about money, sex and black cats.

As we did with the number 13 in many parts of our world, we managed to create fear of money and fear of sex quite effectively. Our education did not include emotional intelligence or self love classes; it definitely did not include courses about the energy of money, about sexual energy and how to allow an unobstructed flow of both. Instead we were told all the wrong things that created unnecessary pain and suffering in our lives. I am convinced that many people feel the same. Today I am grateful because I have systematically worked to demolish the limiting beliefs brought about by my upbringing, schooling and living in today’s world.

Here’s a short list of the things many people have heard more than once. The number 13 brings bad luck and it is to be feared.  Money does not grow on trees. Sex is sinful. Rich people must be crooks to have that much money. Money is evil. Black cats are evil, do not let one cross your path. You must work hard for your money. There’s never enough. If I make more money, then someone else will have to make less. Sex is dirty. Money brings unhappiness. Black cats are linked to black magic. We cannot have a floor numbered 13, so let’s just jump from 12 to 14. You get the idea.I am sure you can add a few more sentences to my list of absurd, born from fear and fear creating examples.

Money is a neutral energy, it is not good nor bad. We give it one meaning or another and our relationship with money reflects exactly how we feel. Are you pleased with the amount of money flowing into your life and do not feel guilty for having it and spending it? If not, start looking at what is your real belief system about money. Sexual energy is actually creative, expressive energy and cannot be good or bad, it is neutral as well. Are you pleased with your sensuality and the sexual energy flowing through you? If not, take a deep breath and bring up what you really believe about sex. The more you examine your deep beliefs, the more awareness you will get and your relationship with money and your  expressive, creative sexual energy will improve.

As for black cats, having lived under the same roof with mine for almost 17 years, I can tell you that when Kiki crosses my path, she is asking for food or she wants attention. But that’s as black magic as it gets!

I have a lot more to share with you on these topics, and I am sure that they will appear again in my gratitude blog.. Until then, here are two fantastic books:

“The Wealth Chef” – by Ann Wilson – this is the education I wish I received when I was younger, but am very grateful to have found it now.

“The Honeymoon Effect” – by Dr. Bruce Lipton – the concepts explained in his book will allow you to improve the relationship you have with yourself and with others.

… and I imagine there is a book somewhere about the positive power of the number 13. If you know of one, comment on my post and let me know.