DAY 358: Spiritual Journey With Animals


‘If I sit in a no-thought condition near a cat, the cat is already in the state of no-thought. With you, however, I will have to talk. To take you to the cat’s state of no-thought is a very long journey. Animals, plants and even stones understand the vibrations that begin from the spiritual body; there is no difficulty in that’. – Osho

“While traveling the powerful journey with the Animal Kingdom, one direction led to another and the 5-step process came down as a gift to me!

‘Veterinary Healing Art’ is our initiative to establish a sacred bond with animal companions.

Your ability to connect deeply with animals will restore great balance and harmony in your life.

As a result of deep association with animals, you will receive sacred messages from the source itself. You will be protected as well as gifted with talents and strengths.

It will help you re-establish your own relationship with other human companions around you.

The foundation of this therapy is based on the single factor that we all are a part of one Source.

Even the current understanding of physics suggests that anybody who can relax, clear their mind and envision being in a different way, such as successful, healthy and wise, can quantum jump.

Develop a spiritual rapport with pets to overcome the language barriers and have a life-long friendship full of joy and understanding!”

Ritambhara Nand  wrote Chapter 51 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge. She is a Veterinary Healing Artist, Tarot Reader and Coach for Conscious Living. She facilitates growth and renewal of all the dimensions that exist within an energetic being such as thoughts, emotions, conditioning, behaviors, beliefs, patterns and energy movements within the physical body!