Day 8 today! I love the moment of inspiration that sent me on this journey of gratitude. I look forward to every day, to every post and never know ahead of time what the posts will be about, until they reveal themselves to me. I start writing about something only to be deterred by a different topic, that pushes its energy to the surface and takes over my post.

It happened again this morning. I was typing my first sentences of what I thought was going to be my post today, when my laptop decided it was time to install updates and proceeded to do just that, closing my browser and my post, before I could even save the last written paragraphs.

So, again, off I went to do something else and left my laptop to get up to date. That is when I saw the spider again, making its way down on a door frame. The tiny spider I first saw on the ceiling above the bed, when I woke up this morning. I live in a high rise building, spiders or other insects are not a common occurrence. Will I write about the spider today, I wondered? As I usually do in a situation like this, I decided that if I saw it again (for the third time, in less than an hour), I will write about it. And a few minutes later there it was again, not because I was searching for it, but because it popped into my field of vision on the ceiling in the hallway. This is it! The topic today is Spider, as in the energy and symbolism of the Spider.

The Native Indians believe that animals carry powerful lessons, signs, warnings and messages; they read the signs, translate their messages and take into account the knowledge embedded in them. I believe the same, because animals kept sharing their wisdom, messages, signs and symbolism with me. All I had to do is remain open minded, pay attention and do not ignore their appearance in my life. If this is something new for you, I will ask you to do the same: remain open minded. Today I am writing about Spider because it chose to show itself to me three times this morning.

The Spider is a powerful figure of feminine energy, creativity, power and growth. Spiders are skillfully weaving intricate webs and patiently awaiting their prey. When the Spider appears, it is a reminder to connect with life’s ebbs and flows and pay attention to the choices that construct our lives. Weave with skill and be patient – the spider told me this morning. A perfect message for me right now, as I was thinking about a couple of my projects and why they take longer to come to fruition. The animal kingdom and its powerful messages are always right on the topic. This blog provides a wonderful outlet for my creativity and I am grateful.

If you find yourself intrigued by this concept, make a decision to pay attention to signs such as this. Through my blog, Spider has a message for you as well and it is up to you to decipher it. There are many websites you can visit to find out about animal symbolism; just search the particular animal/bird/insect and next to it add the words “animal totem”. Read the information you find, but keep in mind that ultimately, it is a personal message that they carry for each one of us, so it is up to us to find the true meaning. Just stay open and entertain the possibility. If you don’t resonate with this at all, then do nothing.

I am grateful for the message from Spider. Everything has perfect timing, and our experiences are perfect just as they are. Thank you Spider, for the reminder to be playful and enjoy my creativity; to do my work, be mindful, present and patient.