Rucsandra Mitrea

September 7, 2014

Every little nugget of knowledge and wisdom I have come across has enhanced my life in more ways than one. I am grateful for all of it.

The decision to share it with you is one of the ways I can give thanks to LIFE.

Our capacity to feel grateful transforms us and helps us transcend every hardship we encounter. The power gratitude can bring the best in us to the surface.

I decided to embark on a “365 Days of Gratitude” journey. If you resonate with my posts, do comment and share. If you do not, do nothing. My posts will start tomorrow and will continue for 365 days.

I want to connect with you at a deep and truth-filled level and inspire you. I want you allow gratitude to heal what is keeping you from living fully as yourself. 

My day by day progress in this journey will be posted below.


Rucsandra Mitrea


DAY 1: Gaia

DAY 2: Water

DAY 3Ioana’s Journey

DAY 4Synchronicity

DAY 5: Ho’oponopono

DAY 6: My Body (part 1)

DAY 7Pâshi

DAY 8: Spider

DAY 9: The 90-Second Rule

DAY 10: Big Leaps

DAY 11: Fork in the Road

DAY 12: Awakening

DAY 13: Money, Sex and the Black Cat

DAY 14: Being Me

DAY 15: Let It Be

DAY 16: Not giving Up

DAY 17: My Body (part 2)

DAY 18: Memory Banks Part 1 – The Rainbow

DAY 19: Memory Banks Part 2: The Thunderbolt

DAY 20: AGAIN! Money and Sex!

DAY 21: Service

DAY 22: The Art of Losing

DAY 23: Hearts Broken Open

DAY 24: Coming Out of Hiding

DAY 25: The Inner Child – Part 1

DAY 26: The Inner Child – Part 2

DAY 27:  The Inner Child – Part 3

DAY 28:  The Inner Child – Part 4

DAY 29:  The Inner Child – Part 5

DAY 30: Dressing Up For Life

DAY 31: The Gift

DAY 32: The Sacred Form™

DAY 33: Beyond Fear Part 1 – Dismantling Fear

DAY 34: Beyond Fear Part 2 – Litany Against Fear

DAY 35: Beyond Fear Part 3 – Collective Fear

DAY 36: Beyond Fear Part 4 – Familial Fear

DAY 37: Beyond Fear Part 5 – Individual Fear

DAY 38: Beyond Fear Part 6 – Perceptual Fear

DAY 39: Beyond Fear Part 7 – Fear of Abandonment

DAY 40: Fear of Not Being Worthy

DAY 41: Lack of Trust in Life

DAY 42: Temporal Fears

DAY 43: A Little Break

DAY 44: Your Fears on Paper

DAY 45: The List

DAY: 46: Facing Your Fears

DAY 47: Out-Sitting Your Fears

DAY 48: Are You Fearless Now?

DAY 49: Letting Go of Anger

DAY 50: Angry With Somebody Else?

DAY 51: Angry With Yourself?

DAY 52: What About Shame?

DAY 53: Emotional Cleansing Part 1

DAY 54: Emotional Cleansing Part 2

DAY 55: Emotional Cleansing Part 3

DAY 56: Emotional Cleansing Part 4

DAY 57: Emotional Cleansing Part 5 –  Without Struggle

DAY 58: Emotional Cleansing Part 6 – The Emotional Lens

DAY 59: Emotional Cleansing Part 7 – Definition

DAY 60: Emotional Cleansing Part 8 – Feeling-based Awareness

DAY 61: Jack Sparrow’s wisdom

DAY 62: Emotional Cleansing Part 9 – Square Breathing

DAY 63: Emotional Cleansing Part 10 – You Do Not Need to Cope with Anything

DAY 64: Emotional Cleansing Part 11 – The Domino Effect

DAY 65: The Sacred Oak Tree

DAY 66: My Gift to YOU

DAY 67: Feeling Like a Victim

DAY 68: Be the Hero of Your Life

DAY 69: The Willingness to Contemplate

DAY 70: Ioana’s Death

DAY 71: Everything is a Miracle

DAY 72: Shattering False Limits

DAY 73: Dreams, Goals and Desires

DAY 74How Do You Know That It Is Working?

DAY 75: Positive Expectations

DAY 76: My Grandmother Called Me a Pagan

DAY 77Clearing Confusion

DAY 78: Why I Hid From The Priest

DAY 79: Clutter?

DAY 80: De-clutter

DAY 81: The Truth Letter

DAY 82: The Truth Is Setting You Free

DAY 83: Can’t Forgive Yourself? Shatter Some Taboos!

DAY 84: Forgiving Yourself

DAY 85: Authenticity

DAY 86: Promises You Did Not Keep

DAY 87: Clearing Broken Promises

DAY 88: Road Maps Of Desires

DAY 89: My Home

DAY 90: What Happens When You Raise the Bar for Yourself?

DAY 91: What Do You Want?

DAY 92: Do You Feel Flow And Ease Or Do You Feel Struggle?

DAY 93: Tying Up Loose Ends

DAY 94: Nobody Wanted Me On Their Team

DAY 95: What Inspires Me?

DAY 96: What If You Actually Chose Your Life?

DAY 97: Are You Allowing Or Are You Resisting?

DAY 98: The Quiet Inside My Mind

DAY 99: River Deep, Mountain High

DAY 100: What Do You Do On The Peak?

DAY 101: What Do You Do In The Valley?

DAY 102: Somewhere Over The Rainbow… REALLY?

DAY 103: Be Like A Redwood Tree

DAY 104: The Grinch Didn’t Talk About Cleaning

DAY 105: I Release All That No Longer Serves Me

DAY 106: Worrying About Someone? Don’t!

DAY 107: Are You Giving It Your All?

DAY 108: Giving It Your All

DAY 109: What To Do When You Fell Negative

DAY 110: And Another Thing You Can Do Is

DAY 111: What If You Become Your Own BFF?

DAY 112: Your Inner Child And You

DAY 113: What Brings You Joy?

DAY 114: My Blog In Review

DAY 115: Before 2014 Ends

DAY 116: Need A Vacation? Why?

DAY 117: Healing Your Body

DAY 118: Your Physical Body

DAY 119: Your Emotional Body

DAY 120: Your Energetic Body

DAY 121: Your Mental Body

DAY 122: Your Spiritual Body

DAY 123: Want Answers? Be OK With Not Having Them!

DAY 124: Being You

DAY 125: What Are You Looking Forward To?

DAY 126: Believe In Yourself

DAY 127: Why I Am Writing These Posts

DAY 128: And Because We Are All Connected…

DAY 129: Are You Afraid To Change Your Mind?

DAY 130: The World Is Waiting For You!

DAY 131: Just Accept It As It Is

DAY 132: Today IS Special

DAY 133: Abraham Said…

DAY 134: Abraham And Their Books

DAY 135: Do You Like Yourself?

DAY 136: Do Something Exciting!

DAY 137: What Stands Between You And The Life You Want?

DAY 138: Clear The Path And Change Your Life

DAY 139: Unresolved Emotional Issues? Here’s What You Do.

DAY 140: Stop Believing Your Limiting Beliefs

DAY 141: There Is No Such Thing As Just Clutter!

DAY 142: Can’t Seem To Get Unstuck?

DAY 143: You Need Support

DAY 144: Celebrate Your Success!

DAY 145: Struggling To be Happy?

DAY 146: The Truth About Helping People

DAY 147: What I Know For Sure

DAY 148: The Stepladder To Your Dream

DAY 149: Feeling Stumped

DAY 150: The In-between Time

DAY 151: I Wanted To Become A Doctor…

DAY 152: Why I Decided Med School Was Not For Me

DAY 153: The Long And Winding Road…

DAY 154: Why I Failed So Many Exams

DAY 155: I Kept Failing Until I Did This

DAY 156: How I Finally Got Accepted To A University

DAY 157: When I Stopped Trying To Do What Others Expected Of Me…

DAY 158: So What If I Changed My Mind?

DAY 159: Friday The 13th

DAY 160: How Do I Feel About Valentine’s Day?

DAY 161: Gratitude Changes Everything!

DAY 162: Thoughts Create Your Reality: Want Proof?

DAY 163: Want Proof That Your Thoughts Create Your Life?

DAY 164: Back Pain? What About Your Thoughts?

DAY 165: Dalai Lama’s Words On Compassion

DAY 166: Anger Eclipses The Mind Rationality

DAY 167: Saying Yes To Life

DAY 168: How Do You Love?

DAY 169: Can You Let Go?

DAY 170: Things That Make Me Giddy

DAY 171: How Do You Handle Your Suffering?

DAY 172: Before Eggs, Dinosaurs And Chicken Necks

DAY 173: The Rest Of My Life

DAY 174: Listen To Yourself!

DAY 175: It Starts With How You Feel

DAY 176: Retrain Your Thinking To Change Your Body

DAY 177: The Ugly Truth

DAY 178: A New Body In Two Years

DAY 180: Your Everyday Thoughts

DAY 181: If You Don’t Like It, Change It!

DAY 182: Think FOR Yourself Not Against Yourself!

DAY 183: How To Change Your Fearful Thoughts

DAY 184: Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Is Important To Me!

DAY 185: Still Running Away From A Tiger?

DAY 186: Remember Our Friend, The Amygdala?

DAY 187: Let’s Talk About Your Words

DAY 188: What Do you Talk About?

DAY 189: Coherence… Let’s Do It Together!

DAY 190: Trust Them To Be OK

DAY 191: The Power Of Your Thoughts

DAY 192: Clarity Around Your Body

DAY 193: Healing Coming From Within

DAY 194: Think Yourself Into Health

DAY 195: Clearing Limiting Beliefs Facilitates Healing

DAY 196: Signals From The Body

DAY 197: The Three Universal Laws Of Healing

DAY 198: There Is Always A Way!

DAY 199: Connect With Your Life Force

DAY 200: A Different Form Of Meditation

DAY 201: Healing Power

DAY 202: A Youthful Spine

DAY 203: At Peace In A Joyful Body

DAY 204: Breathing And Your Spine

DAY 205: Inner Harmony Creates Health

DAY 206: Mindset And Your Spine

DAY 207: Emotional Health And Your Spine

DAY 208: Make It Happen

DAY 209: Think Happy And Your Body Will Work Better

DAY 210: Ask For Help If You Need It!

DAY 211: Words And Apples

DAY 212: Abandoned Inner Child

DAY 213: Bring Your Inner Child Home

DAY 214: The Iceberg Of Your Mind

DAY 215: Tasting LIFE

DAY 216: Creating Your Body

DAY 217: Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

DAY 218: Feeling Pain or Suffering?

DAY 219: Chased By The Tiger

DAY 220: Stepping Out Of Victimhood

DAY 221: Stop Being Brutal to Yourself

DAY 222: Mothers And Daughters

DAY 223: Feeling Like A Pressure Cooker?

DAY 224: Intelligent Healing Machine

DAY 225: Cruelty Cutter

DAY 226: Your Emotions Matter

DAY 227: The Domino Effect

DAY 228: Perfection? Forget About It!

DAY 229: Does Your Head Hurt?

DAY 230: Open Your Mind

DAY 231: Google Cannot Help You

DAY 232: Back Pain? This Is The Answer

DAY 233: The Back Pain Epidemic

DAY 234: What Can ELDOA Do For You?

DAY 235: Fighting Gravity

DAY 236: Heal Your Spine

DAY 237: Prevent A Hip Replacement

DAY 238: Tired Of Neck Pain?


DAY 240: Taking ELDOA To Vancouver

DAY 241: ELDOA Lecture – Little Exerpt












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