DAY 357: About Tarot…


Nidhi Chauhan Sharma is a Delhi based Quantum Tarot Card Reader, Theta Healer and Energy Healer. She wrote Chapter 51 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge.

“Tarot is a wonderful tool to know and understand where exactly you are in the here and now. It’s like gazing at yourself in the spiritual mirror and looking at your truest self.

The experience of a tarot reading can be truly liberating. It helps you to let go and gain amazing clarity, which helps you move forward with ease. It leads to these ‘aha’ moments when you really know what your fears are and where they are stemming from and how unreal they can be, losing their power when you know them; and that you are finally able to put your finger on what was bothering you all this while or what you really needed to know or both.

Having the cards read can instantly clear one’s foggy mind and help one choose and live life with more zest. The beautiful cards help you to know and understand what you truly feel about yourself and what you want the most which is great in achieving true well-being.

When you have clarity about yourself, there’s an instant positive shift in you, which leads to lasting happiness and brings about much needed closure if required.

Tarot includes a deck of 78 cards depicting and holding the deeper meanings of the cycle of life, which helps you to simplify your life in today’s world. A session can lift years of burden, pain, misery and other negative emotions and give you the beautiful experience of lightness, expansion and freedom. What better way to simplify your life and bring in the much needed clarity and peace?

You can truly empower yourself in the process.

As Plato said, ‘The part can never be well unless the whole is well.’”



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