DAY 346: Transformation Through Past-Life Regression Therapy

Past Lives DNA Memory

Have you ever heard of past lives? Do you believe that is possible to live many lives?

Smita Wankhade wrote Chapter 40 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge. She is a Breath Worker, Past-Life Regressionist and Reiki Master. Through her healing sessions, people have found relief from issues which were preventing them from living a fuller life. Each of them found the purpose of their life and been able to balance their material and spiritual life.

Here’s a little excerpt:

“Past-Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) can be used to get answers to the ‘why me?’ questions. It gives us an understanding and facilitates healing of issues related to health, relationships, fears and phobias, all that keeps us from leading a fuller life in the present. We are not our body, our thoughts and our emotions.

Our body is in fact our first environment. It is the carrier of our soul. We are the soul, the spark, and the particle of consciousness or the divine source. The soul manifests into the Earth plane or many such realities, in order to experience. Through these experiences we learn lessons and ascend till we reach to our godliness.

Before coming down on Earth, we pre-plan that life time, choose the parents who will teach us the lessons we have decided to learn in that lifetime. We also come here to teach whatever we have learned and to enjoy what we have created.

And we also come here to enjoy creating! The lessons we learn are those of trust, patience, forgiveness, faith, acceptance, unconditional love and many more which eventually lead us to opening of the heart, to be with compassion to one and all. So, we are the sum total of all our experiences from many life times.”

Fascinating, isn’t it?



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