DAY 343: Create A Happy Relationship with Money

money“Say Yes to Money!

Drop your seriousness around money and make it playful and joyful. In a lighter view, we learn the importance of being playful and relaxed. ‘Be aware’ should be the motto for a joyful life and that includes money. Money too is a natural phenomenon. Being playful with money means that you can see its natural beauty, know the laws it follows, know the rules of the games you can devise and enjoy with it. As in any game, the vital elements in the money game are the knowledge of the rules and the skills of the players. With increasing practice your skills increase by leaps and bounds.

We need to summon the courage to take ownership of all our thoughts, deeds, knowledge, actions, choices, experience, most importantly, our successes and failures. Becoming honest and transparent with our issues of money will help us overcome it forever. Encounter and demolish the fears of money. But face everything and rise. As you take responsibility, the whole universe sends you resources and power to become successful.”

Suresh Padmanabhan wrote Chapter 37 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge. He is the Creator of the Money Workshop, an original, authentic workshop on money. He wrote the international bestseller ‘I Love Money’.



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