DAY 341: Bach Flower Remedies

bach flower remedies

“Bach Flower Remedies are 100% safe and natural. They establish the equilibrium between mind and body; the application of specifically related flowers helps in correcting emotional distress that creates well-being. Dr. Edward Bach created Bach Flower Remedies for all ages of individuals and even for plants and animals.

“Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.” Dr. Edward Bach.

The Bach flower system was the first of its kind and remains the most thorough set of natural remedies for emotional distress. Falling within the umbrella of complementary medicine, Bach Flower Remedies can and often should be a part of the professional healer’s arsenal of interventions. The remedies have been derived from specific flowers and are used in a number of different healthcare settings, from various mediums of healthcare and wellness. The remedies have proven to work in most unusual ways and The Bach system is one of the most recognized natural remedy systems by far. It works on both people and animals. It is 100% safe and non-addictive, which are its strongest qualities.”

Aryanish Patel wrote Chapter 35 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge. She was born dyslexic, but overcame the challenge at an early age. Showered with love and understanding, she grew up in an environment where individual conditions were seen as mere variations in the human diversity that enriches the planet. Aryanish felt obliged to empower others in similar situations and attended a training course in Dyslexia Correction in London. Among many other modalities, she also studied the Bach Flower Remedies at the Bach Centre in London. Today, Aryanish has four method patents pending on corrective learning for dyslexia, ADHD, ADD and post-traumatic disorders.



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