DAY 340: Food As Medicine

food“Ayurveda is the oldest system of healthcare on the planet and it talks extensively about prevention, rejuvenation and longevity. It is the only indigenous healthcare system that has a whole branch dedicated for this, called Rasayana and Vajikarna. Simple foods of our daily life become therapeutic or medicinal when taken judiciously. For example: Amla Rasayana where Amla churna (powder) is given every day for a set period of time in a subsequently increasing and then dec reasing dosage. This is used as an intensive rejuvenate therapy in many chronic conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune conditions or cancer for its powerful antioxidant effects. Ayurveda also talks about three pillars to sustain life: food, sleep and biological wastes of the body.

So food is part of the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is unique to talk about foods according to our mind-body types or personality types. In Ayurveda, food is eaten according to our body types. We are all unique with our own individual set of chemicals, neurochemicals, hormones, different absorption and adsorption rates, digestion and our unique psychological and emotional patterns. So two people might eat the same food but the effect those foods will have on their systems is completely different.”

Dr. Ashish Paul wrote Chapter 34 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge. She is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner (BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and a Medical Herbalist (BSc Hons Herbal Medicine). Her aim is to bring awareness to the holistic benefits that people could enjoy by using the ancient Indian treatments and the western herbal medicine. These therapies work with the natural rhythm of the body, treat the cause of a problem and have less adverse effects.

Think about food as medicine: nature’s healing principles at work!



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