DAY 329: The Four Pillars of Health

shutterstock_33577360“First Pillar

The first and foremost pillar is food. […] I experienced a connection and oneness with my body with this single most important change in a way that shifted and evolved my life in many positive ways. I understood the meaning of the Hindi saying from our shastras –“Like food, like mind” or the more famous English phrase, “You are what you eat.”

Second Pillar

As you would easily guess, the second pillar of health is about activity and movement, also called exercise. I prefer to use the first two words as “exercise ” often has negative and effortful connotations for man y. Before I began my own journey of self-healing, I was extremely sedentary and the excruciating pain of rheumatoid arthritis made me even more lethargic.

Third Pillar

Positive, wholesome thoughts are the third pillar. Ultimately, the control center to change our life style is in the head. Unless we change our thinking, we can’t really hope to change much in our lives.

Fourth Pillar

The final pillar is one of habits: childhood, family and social conditioning that we get set into without questioning. These habits stem from the beliefs we carry around all our lives. We may have inherited these from our family and friends or picked them from our doctor or read them in books and papers or simply followed the societal norms. Sometimes, we just call it our personality and refuse to budge or change anything saying, “I am like this only.” This is all inner resistance to change, our invisible dragons that we are meant to slay in our journey to evolution and self-awareness.”

Chapter 23 in  the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge is written by Nandini Gulati who is a Holistic Health Coach. She offers many programs to help people lead healthier and integrated lifestyles. The programs range from one time consulting, healthy cooking classes to a 12-week customized health-coaching program.

How are your four pillars of health doing?



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