DAY 324: “Aura Healing – The Basis For All Energy Healing” – Nishant


shutterstock_29948326Do you know that you too, have an aura?

“As per the theory of quantum physics, the whole universe (visible & invisible), is made up of virtually the same particles of energy. All energy vibrates; some at a faster rate while some at a slower rate; this rate is called  frequency. Now scientifically, frequency is the number of vibrations of a particle per second. The unit of measurement for frequency is Hz (Hertz).

Our body is made up of atoms and molecules. In each atom we have charged particles called electrons, protons and neutrons which when further expanded, are made up of quarks (particles of light) which again on further expansion, are made up of strings and super strings, and on further expansion it’s empty space. Yes, nothing else but empty space, so in a way all the matter is originating from this empty space of energy, this is called the nothingness or the zero point energy. Now this theory coincides with the spiritual theory that ‘The universe came from nothing and will go back into nothing’. Coincidence I bet not, as it is the real science.

The Aura is actually the result of the electrical impulses generated by the movement of electrons and protons around the nucleus in our cells. According to the famous law of electromagnetic induction wherever there is an electric field, an equivalent magnetic field would be induced around that electrical field. For example: you use a particular screwdriver to open and close electrical circuits, over a period of time it gets magnetized and now has the ability to attract small iron fillings. So no wonder, Aura is literally the electromagnetic field.”

Chapter 18 in the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge entitled “Aura Healing – The Basis For All Energy Healing”  is written by Nishant.

Nishant is an IT Engineer by qualification but an Energy Medicine enthusiast by choice. He is passionate about integrating science and spirituality, and has the ability to connect with beings in the higher dimensions and the spirit world for guidance & healing.



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