DAY 310: Empower Your Dreams – Suresh Padmanabhan

moneyChapter 4 in the the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge written by Suresh Padmanabhan is entitled “Empower Your Dreams: Practical Steps For Creating Miracles in Your Life”.

Suresh Padmanabhan is the creator of “The Money Workshop” and the “Eastern Law of Attraction”. He is a professional speaker, author, life coach and mentor. He is the author of “I Love Money”, “On Cloud 9” and “Ancient Secrets of Money”.  

“You will attract whatever you give your attention to – it could be positive or negative. Once you understand the principles of the law of attraction or manifestation, life becomes magical. Life becomes easy. Things are created twice, first in the Mind and then in Reality. In this game you have to win in the mind before you win in reality. The whole of the Indian system worked on Mind Mastery: creating powerful states within the mind.”

Creating powerful states of peace, joy, abundance, love and freedom within the mind is the key to creating the same in your day to day life.



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