DAY 309: It’s a YES Universe! – Lackhinder Babbu Gill

shutterstock_125398931Chapter 3 in the the book Holistic Wellness In The NewAge written by Lackhinder Babbu Gill is entitled “It’s a YES Universe!”.

Lackhinder Babbu Gill is a Vipassana practitioner since 1988. Mindfulness is an integral part of her life. With a perfect blend of the East and the West she uses Louise Hay’s philosophy to express into words the insights she receives in the silent practice of meditation. She is a certified and licensed “ Heal Your Life” seminar leader and life coach.

Telling the story of how she healed her ailing body, Babbu Gill teaches us that healing can only come from within.

“As the course progressed for the next 10 days, there wasn’t a moment that wasn’t new to me. My asthma came up during the first session, flashes of childhood experiences flashed through my head. All the suppressed tears, smothered love and pent up emotions arose. The rejection of being an unwanted girl child was painful, the anger and resentment all welled up. The feeling of being unloved wouldn’t let me breathe until the floodgates broke open and all the buried emotions were released and finally set free. I could see and experience how every thought created a feeling and an emotion and I could experience every sensation at the physical level! Every moment was a moment of arising and passing. Yes, it is here that I experienced and understood the Mind, Body and Spirit connection for the first time in complete awareness.”

As she continued to release her painful emotions, Babbu Gill healed her asthma completely.

Healing can indeed come only from within.



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