DAY 306: Holistic Wellness – Editor’s Words


shutterstock_19437895I want to dedicate one post to each one of the co-authors of Holistic Wellness In The NewAge – The Book.

Swatika Jain is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a Master Degree in psychology. Being naturally psychic, she has explored different fields in the domain of spirituality and holistic healing. So here is Swatica Jain, with the editor’s words:

“Welcome to the world of holistic wellness!

In this new age with its rising challenges and scope for awakening, it is important that we should all be aware of the healing modalities, because the journey to self-realization begins with healing on all levels, i.e. body, mind and spirit. Many people learn and work with different modalities and get benefit and yet, there are many people who are skeptical and do not fully trust a natural system of healing… For lack of understanding and access, millions of people suffer from disease and stress, and this affects us all… It is time to wake up!“

This book is an extensive compilation of healing and re-balancing techniques and modalities that can help so many people. Not everybody has the same needs. Becoming educated in what is possible and available increases the chances of deep and true healing.



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