DAY 282: Let’s Burn The Old Beliefs



I think we got it all wrong! We believed what most religions preach: that we are born sinners, flawed from the beginning and that we need to work really hard to get the approval of God.

I’ve always rebelled against such thinking. Even as a child I constantly argued with my grandmother about her religious beliefs: “My Grandmother Called Me A Pagan“.

I believe that it is this deeply ingrained conditioning that creates misery and tragedy in our society, in our world.

We are not flawed, we are not born sinners. We are not weak and unworthy. We do not need to be accepted through the pearly gates. And most definitely we are not defined by interpretations of the religious texts.

We are magnificent human beings, part of a magnificent humanity on a magnificent planet.

The horrors and disasters that we are currently creating in our world come from the belief that we are small, petty, worthless and powerless. As a result of this general level of consciousness, we get to experience ecological disasters: we are destroying the only home we have; we see tragedy and pain: wars, and random shootings, suffering and loss.

We are in this together: you and me and everyone else. Every breathing being on this planet is a part of us. Every drop of water is a drop of us.

Every act of cruelty against another (human, animal, plant or the planet Earth) is an act of cruelty against each and every one of us.

Let’s burn the old belief that we are small.

Let’s burn the old belief that we are different from one another.

Let’s burn the old belief that change is hard and takes time.

Let’s change together.



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