DAY 281: How Real Is Your Reality?


Your reality seems quite real to you, doesn’t it? But is it REALLY real?

I am reading Michael Neill’s book “The Inside-Out Revolution”.

Get the book. Read it. It will allow you to see “reality” in a different light.

Neill explains how reality changes depending on our different levels of consciousness and understanding. Here’s a little excerpt:

“To better understand the inside-out paradigm, let’s step into the glass elevator of consciousness and see how the world changes when viewed from different levels of understanding.

Ground Floor: Objective Reality – What I see is what’s really happening. I’m experiencing the world as it is. […]

Lower Floors: Subjective Reality – What I see is an interpretation of reality. I’m experiencing the world through the filter of my thinking.[…]

Higher Floors: Constructed Reality – What I see is all made up. The world is what I think it is.

What do YOU think of YOUR reality?

Or let’s put it this way: what do you believe to be real?



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