365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 230: Open Your Mind

open your mind

I’ve seen many people transform their bodies or their careers, their relationships or their entire lives.

They all have something in common: the willingness to look at things from a new perspective without blocking the information, without resenting the new approach, without resistance or judgment.

They are willing to open up their minds to new ideas, to be vulnerable and to learn something new and because of that they transform.

Is there anything you want to create in your life right now? A healthier body, a romantic relationship, a better work place?

Are you willing to open up your mind and release resistance?

If you are, then what you desire will come into your life. Not because it is some kind of magic, but because when you do not create barriers through resistance and inflexibility, you are in resonance with yourself.

When you are in resonance with yourself and your desires, you are inspired and you know what next step to take.

Open your mind.

Be vulnerable.

Go for what you want!



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