365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 222: Mothers And Daughters

mother and daughter

Before you were born, YOUR CELLS were FEELING everything that your mother’s cells felt. When you were formed as a new life potential in your mother’s womb, your continuously growing number of cells were nestled at the core of your mother’s body, surrounded by HER CELLS. Your cells were PART OF HER BODY. Do you get this? This is BIG. This is POWERFUL. What it means is that your cells were already responding to her emotions, to her feelings of joy or despair, fear or love.

Most of what we believe to be true might not be a personally formulated opinion, but rather a transfer from our mothers. Unless we decide to live an examined life and become conscious in our thoughts, emotions and actions, we live in a pre-programmed, unquestioned manner.

Here’s what Dr. Christiane Northrup says about this:

“The mother-daughter relationship is at the headwaters of every woman’s health. Our bodies and our beliefs about them were formed in the soil of our mother’s emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. Even before birth, our mother provides us with our first experience of nurturing. She is our first and most powerful female role model. It is from her that we learn what it is to be a woman and care for our bodies. Our cells divided and grew to the beat of her heart. Our skin, hair, heart, lungs, and bones were nourished by her blood, blood that was awash with the neurochemicals formed in response to her thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. If she was fearful, anxious, and deeply unhappy about her pregnancy, our bodies knew it. If she felt safe, happy, and fulfilled, we felt that, too.” –  excerpt from Dr. Christiane Northrup’s article  “How Mothers Influence Their Daughters”

My deepest wish for you is to be free of any limiting beliefs, thoughts and ways of being you inherited from your mother, before you had the option to choose your own thoughts and formulate your own opinions.



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