365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 203: At Peace In A Joyful Body

Joyful BodiesThere is a wealth of information inside the human body, readily available to us if we are only to pay attention and listen.

Our world is operating in the paradigm that our physicality is only important from a consumerist perspective. Sure, we praise and admire healthy and athletic bodies, but more for their aesthetic quality and less as mirrors of healthy, balanced and conscious human beings.

The signals and messages we have been force fed over the last few decades left most of us completely disconnected from our bodies, so much so that we feel acutely powerless. We look outside ourselves for direction, advice and recipes for health. We have forgotten that there is an extraordinary wealth of knowledge embedded in our very own cells and we have lost our ability to listen.

The physical body is a miracle and it carries within – at a cellular level – deep knowledge of health, well-being and ease.

Our cells vibrate in distress long before an injury or an illness is physically manifested. Also, our cells will start vibrating at healthier levels before medical tests will confirm that we are in better states of health. It is at the level of our cells that great amounts of knowledge are stored. This knowledge is translated into emotions that will guide and help us choose the right path to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Listening to our bodies is the ultimate vehicle to health and well-being.

At peace in joyful and free bodies, our minds can create a better environment for ourselves and for humanity.



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