365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 187: Let’s Talk About Your Words

RUCSANDRA MITREAToday’s post is an invitation to word mindfulness.

What kind of words do you choose in your everyday conversations with your family, friends and coworkers?

Our words have a vibrational frequency, the same way our thoughts have a vibrational frequency and have the power to expand and enhance our energy or to diminish it.

So pay attention to your words: are they darts of negative energy directed towards yourself or others? Do you blurt out hurtful words when you feel hurt? Do you criticize, minimize and belittle yourself and others?

Hurtful words can indeed hurt the people you speak them to, but most importantly, THEY HURT YOU!

As you vibrate at the same level of energy as your unkind thoughts and words, your body’s magnetic field gets weakened and diminished.

Have you noticed that after a fight in which you lashed out through your words in order to make your point, you were left exhausted and depleated?

Your negative words dimished YOU!

As I always say, start by becoming aware. Pay attention for a few days of what words you choose and how you feel when you speak them.



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