365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 178: A New Body In Two Years!



The body you have right now is not the same body you had a few months ago or a year ago.

You create a new liver every six weeks; a new stomach lining every five weeks; a new skeleton every 3 months. Even the actual raw material of your DNA changes every 6 weeks: the DNA which stores memories of millions of years of evolutionary time.

In fact, if you consider every atom in the body, they are all replaced in less than two years.

That’s right: you have a completely new body every two years!

In his book “Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You”, Dr. Deepak Chopra explains the body’s infinite capacity for change and renewal. He offers five breakthroughs for the body and five for the soul to help build awareness and change the distorted energy patterns that create disease, infirmity, and aging.

Your body has an extraordinary capacity for healing.

So why are you or someone you know still in pain?

I’ll explain tomorrow what’s standing in the way.



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