365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 167: Saying “YES” To Life


As I was wondering what my today’s post will be about, an image popped into my head: Jim Carrey in the movie Yes Man, standing tall, with his arms outstretched widely towards the sky, shouting “YES!”.

The movie is funny and heart-warming, but its message is powerful: take a chance, say yes, accept life and living fully, be yourself and enjoy the experience.

The character played by Jim Carrey experiences a wonderful transformation. Low on life and depressed, he accepts a challenge to say yes to everything. He has a new motto “Yes is the new no!”. By deciding to open up to life, he finds himself and everything he always desired.

Remembering this movie, I started thinking about the times when I said no because of fear, feeling vulnerable, being afraid of other peoples’ judgment or the so perceived time limitations.

I also thought about all the times that I said yes, with courage and joy, like the idea of writing this blog that is enhancing my life every day through my connection with you!

What did you say no to that could have enriched your life, lifted you up and offered you joy and transformation?

Let’s say YES more, let’s get out of our shells more!



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