365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 161: Gratitude Changes Everything!


What do you usually do when you feel upset, discouraged or less than someone else?

I can tell you what I used to do before I understood how gratitude shifts the internal compass from doom and gloom to a lighter more uplifted state: I used to just sit in it, bathed in my own misery, felt sorry for myself and got exhausted.

This is exactly what most people do, not because they want to be miserable, but because they think that they do not have a choice. They do not know that there is an alternative and that they have the power to change their emotional state.

But, there is ALWAYS a choice: gratitude.

This is how it works: when you feel low and unhappy, start finding things that you can be grateful for and list them, in your mind or on paper.

It is not as hard as you might think: be grateful for a warm home in the winter, for a beautiful meal, for the store who provided the ingredients for your meal, for the stove that cooks your food, for the wood of your desk, for the computer you use every day, for a manicure, for a pair of sky boots, for a plant that brings you joy, for a book that someone wrote so that you can read, for a candle on the table, for a wonderful painting that you look at every day, for your toothbrush that keeps your teeth clean, for your favorite armchair, for the people who created and sold you the iPhone you love, for the vacation you took, for a kind word, for an embrace, for a smile, for a hand of help, for the electricity that keeps your life running, for your health, for a glass of champagne, for a mushroom, for an omelette, for a friend, for a lover, for a parent, for someone who inspired you, for your first kiss, your first orgasm, for the asphalt that make streets and highways possible, for a forest you love, or a sea you swam in, for a hair product or your favorite perfume, for an airplane and all the people who make your travelling possible.

You get the idea.

Does it seem hard to be grateful for such things?

Imagine your life without all of them.

Isn’t it easier now to be grateful?

And as you start to allow yourself to be filled with gratitude for everything in your life, can you feel your mood lightening up?

It works.

Every time.

Gratitude changes everything!



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