365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 160: How do I feel about Valentine’s Day? 


Roses. A beautiful dinner at home. Candle light. A bottle of good wine. A delicious dessert.  A few wonderful hours talking and connecting with my man.

I love it.

But here’s WHY I love it: because this doesn’t happen just on Valentine’s day. If it did, it would make me truly sad and I would be prompted to re-examine my life and my relationship.

I am fully celebrating this day because I have many days like this in my life. My man and I share many wonderful hours talking over beautiful meals that we love to prepare for each other. Yes, with candles and wine even on a week day, because we celebrate our time together.

When I was single, I celebrated it too: as a day to connect with myself at a deeper and truer level, with a beautiful meal, roses, a glass of wine and dessert.

A day like this is not only for couples.

Valentine’s Day starts inside each one of us, with the understanding, compassion and love we have for ourselves.

May your Valentine’s Day be a beautiful celebration of who you are and of the deep love you have for yourself!

And if this year it is not quite what you want, honor it just as it is and be present with it.

And then take the steps to create a life in which Valentine’s Day happens a couple of times every week.



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