365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 158: So What If I Changed My mind?


We are allowed to change our minds. Nothing is carved in stone, and we can take a different direction if the current one does not seem right anymore.

What is most important is that we do pay attention and follow the promptings of our souls.

Following our bliss, as Joseph Campbell said, is what matters most.

I shared with you my struggles to get accepted to a university. After four years and as many failed attempts I did pass the entrance exams and started the Applied Computer Science studies at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Was that my passion? No. I did enjoy studying and going to courses and preparing for exams though.

Probably because I so had wanted to go to university – like all my friends and colleagues did – being a student was quite thrilling and exciting for the first couple of years. I completed the 5 years of study and all that was left in order for me to graduate is write and defend my thesis.

And that is exactly when I moved to Canada. My landed emigrant visa would have expired if I waited to graduate. And so, I moved to Toronto, with the intention to write my thesis and return to Bucharest to defend it within the next two years.

I never did.


Because I really wanted something different in my life; because I realized having a job behind a desk would make me truly unhappy; because I wanted to teach people how to move; because I wanted to open an aerobics studio; because I felt that my inner calling was asking me to change course.

So now you might be asking what some people asked all those years ago: Why? Why didn’t you write the thesis and got your degree? Why not go all the way, after how hard you worked to get there?

Here’s my very simple answer: following that path would have been taxing for me and a complete waste of time.

Another year spent pursuing something that I was not passionate about would have have delayed my desire to follow something I really wanted to do and that brought me where I am today.

Changing my mind allowed me to start building the life I wanted sooner.

So yes, you are allowed to change your mind too!

Is there anything you would like to change your mind about?



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