365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 146: The Truth About Helping People


I’ve been working in the fitness/health/well-being industry for 25 years. Throughout this time I taught many clients that there is always an answer to any physical problem they might have. There is always a solution and there is always someone who can help them. If that person is not me, then I refer my clients to other health practitioners, trainers and coaches.

I truly believe that there is always a solution.

But here’s something of value that I learned many years ago: you can only be of assistance to people who meet you half way. You can only help people who are willing to put in the time and work to help themselves.

I read this on Facebook a few days ago:

“Unfortunately, you can’t help people who won’t participate in their own rescue.”

It is absolutely true.

Is there anyone in your life who you have been trying to help? Someone you care about, who is struggling and for whom you are ready to put in your time, your money, your knowledge and experience to help them?

Ask yourself this first: are they willing to help themselves? Because if they are not, your help will fall flat on its face and you will become very frustrated.

Until they are ready to change and involve themselves in their own rescue, there is nothing you can do, except lead by example. When they are ready, they might ask for your help. Then you can truly help them, but not before. So, let them be. Live your own life in authentic ways and be mindful of investing your efforts in someone else’s life.

By doing so, you honor yourself and you also honor them and where they are at in the present moment.



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