365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 144: Celebrate Your Success!


This is big! Truly big.

Think about your accomplishments and successes, about goals reached and dreams come true. Did you celebrate them? Did you share them with your loved one? Did you make a big deal out of them?

I have to share with you that I had to reach really deep inside and make a profound change in my inner guidance system in order to be able to celebrate each and every accomplishment. I remember a time where every exam passed or every goal reached made me feel like I was not accomplishing enough and sent me on a “I’m not good enough trip”; granted, I always added “yet” at the end of it, so I felt like I was not good enough “yet”.

But you see, this way of thinking and feeling minimized my success and diminished my energy. This is the exact way of thinking that puts one on a spinning wheel of working and working, without rest and without joy.

Celebrating and being proud of your accomplishments will lift you up and increase your energy and self esteem. It will inspire you to be more yourself and do more, enjoy more, create more and love more!

So celebrate, celebrate, CELEBRATE!

I am celebrating with you.



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