365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 136: Do Something Exciting!


I got truly energized two days ago. I am in Dallas for a professional event, but I had a day to spend with good friends. So I got to relax a little, connect with people I care about, laugh and have a good time.

Well, being in Dallas where the temperature for the last couple of days was around 19-20 degrees Celsius/67-68 Fahrenheit, is very exciting for me, considering that the temperature in Toronto yesterday was -17 degrees Celsius/1.4 Fahrenheit. Canada uses Celsius and USA uses Fahrenheit, so I used both systems, just to be clear.

So, I was really excited to have my coffee yesterday morning in the sun, in flip flops, a light sweater and jeans. No heavy coat, no scarf, no hat, no boots and no snow pants!

But what truly energized me and made me happy was that  I was invited to fly on a small plane (4 seats only!) around downtown Dallas at night. My friend is a flight instructor and so we flew on a training plane and I got to sit in the pilot’s seat!

I have the picture to prove it:


It was exhilarating, exciting and absolutely wonderful. This very special experience energized and uplifted me.

What can you do that will feel exciting?

Is there something that you really want to do that you kept postponing?

Choose a date and then plan for it and make it happen.

Excitement is good. Fun is good.

Have more fun. It will energize you.



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