365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 132: Today Is Special


What makes today special? The fact that there will never be another day like today. Today is unique.

Tomorrow will be another day, and even if you try to recreate all the events and circumstances of today, it will never be the same. It cannot be recreated. Once today is gone, it will be gone forever.

I will write this again, so that you can read it again:

Once today is gone, it will be gone forever!

This definiteness and inevitability makes today special, just as it is.

Every day is an opportunity to enjoy life, to create, to help someone, to grow, to overcome, to relax, to learn, to give, to let go, to love, to forgive, to enjoy, to explore, to expand. Every day is an opportunity TO LIVE.

I want you to live, not to just exist.

What can you do right now in order to feel alive?

Ask yourself this question and then be willing to hear the answer.

And once you have the answer, have the courage to immediately take the first step in that direction. Seal the deal by taking that very first action.

Do not wait. Today will be gone in a few short hours.

And it will never come back.



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