365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 122: Your Spiritual Body


Spirituality… Religion… Atheism… Or anything else that is in between… No one way is the right way, the only way. I have met atheists who are kind, centered, believe in the spirit of the humankind and conduct themselves in a truly authentic manner. I am sure you met them too. On the other hand, I have met people who are religious or spiritual and like to gossip, to get ahead of their fellow humans by all means necessary, who lie if it serves their purposes.

So I say that it does not matter what category we choose to adhere to, as long as we are authentic, we live our lives with integrity inside and out and we respect ourselves, all people and all living things. We might decide to go to church, or to chant mantras every Sunday and yet, disrespect ourselves and others. Or we might proclaim ourselves atheists and live lives of meaning and purpose, serving other people and leaving a powerful legacy as we pass on.

What I call the Spiritual Body is that part of you that has the choice. Will you choose to tell the truth or lie? Will you choose to be kind and compassionate or judgmental? Will you choose to treat yourself with respect or will you continue to use diminishing words towards yourself and others?

You can always raise above the current situation and think, act and behave with authenticity and integrity. You can always choose kinder words, softer actions, even when you feel hurt. YOU can always choose.

Your Spiritual Body is the part of you that knows the way.

Listen to it.

Pay attention.

Follow it.




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