365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 116: Need A Vacation? Why?

RUCSANDRA's PICTUREFirst day of 2015. I am excited to see what this year will bring, what experiences I will have, what I will create, how much I will love and how much I will contribute.

As it is quite cold now in Toronto where I live, I am feeling the desire to spend a few days somewhere hot  and sunny and where there’s a beach and access to an ocean; to lie in the sun and get really warmed up and then move under an umbrella and read or take  a nap.

My dreams of a vacation in the sun made me ask myself why I want to take a vacation. The answer came without hesitation: because it is time to recharge and restore; because time to relax and play is part of the balance of my life.

Now, reading this, you might say “yes, of course, why else would you want to take a vacation?”. But ponder this for a moment: do you take vacations in order to create balance into your life or because you feel the need to remove yourself from your day to day life for a week or two. Do you know that your personal time to rest, recharge and enjoy must have the same importance in your life as everything else you do (work, taking care of children or elderly parents, projects, responsibilities, building a house or a career)?

Think about the times for work and the times for play following each other like spring follows winter. It is about balance and the natural order of things. So, as a new year is starting ask yourself if you usually take time off so that you can take a break from your life. If the answer is yes, start imagining how would your life look life if you didn’t need to run away from it for a week or two. Imagine it first and then take on small step into that direction. And very soon, you will understand that your first small step was actually a giant leap.

My wish for you as 2015 is just starting is to create such a wonderful and rewarding life for yourself that you will never need to take a vacation from it. I am holding the vision that your vacations will bring you balance and joy, and that you will never take them in order to run away from your day to day life.



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