365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 112: Your Inner Child And YOU


You and you alone are responsible for the well being of your Inner Child. Nobody else can heal her/him for you, nobody else has the power to integrate his or her gifts and wisdom into your being.

I wrote extensively on the subject of the Inner Child on Day 25, Day 26, Day 27, Day 28 and Day 29 of this gratitude blog.

The reason I am writing about it again is because most people in this world have know various forms and degrees of abuse in their childhood: emotional, physical, sexual or a combination of these three. And some continue to experience abuse throughout their lives.

What I want you to know is that only you have the power to heal your wounds. You may employ other people to help you do so (spiritual teacher, psychotherapists, healers, psychiatrists, counselors), but ultimately only YOU can do the healing work that is necessary if you are to be a whole, grounded and powerful person who is not afraid of living your life according to your own desires and dreams.

Healing can only occur and forgiveness can only wash away all that has happened ONLY if you are willing to look deep inside yourself at the things you tried very hard to forget.

Once you have done the work to heal your Inner Child, there will be no reason to fight with your memories and bury them in the deep corners of your mind. You will then be free of the past.

You will be free to LIVE.

This is the vision that I hold for you, with you. With all my heart.



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